Why Digital Marketing a Good Career for Fresh Graduates?

We live in an era where the internet is as useful as a glass of water. Economists of the past would have had a hard time deciding whether the internet is a luxury or necessity, given its impact. From booking movie tickets to finding dating tips, we all rely on the internet for day-to-day activities.

The staggering popularity of the internet has painted a boatload of opportunities for any kind of business for expansion. The brick and mortar stores have become old-school. They are replaced by online stores, where anything can be availed or purchased with a mere click.

As a result, there are a plethora of employment opportunities in this field.

How can Fresh Graduates Enter Digital Marketing?

It is true that life is not easy for Indian students.  Initially, they have to prepare for the board exam which is tipped to be the most important phase of their lives. Yet no respite because next comes the +2 and then college.

As a result, after completing college, students feel that they can now finally travel to Goa with their buddies and they truly deserve that. While life is great amidst ‘chicken dinners’ and Instagram stories, it is high time to focus on the career.

The best part about Digital Marketing is that it is diverse. In a typical Digital Marketing agency, you will find people from diverse backgrounds like Science, Commerce, or Humanities, all working under the same roof and taking care of the same project. This is because Digital Marketing is the only field which values skill sets more than an educational degree in terms of employment. If you have skills, creativity, desire, and experience then you are already in the hunt for achieving a lucrative career.

So irrespective of the background, any fresher can start a career in Digital Marketing by joining a top digital marketing training institute.

What does an Ideal Digital Marketing Training Course Contain?
It is true that a Digital Marketing training course can be a stepping stone for a fresher when it comes to achieving a prosperous career. However, choosing the right course is of utmost importance.

Digital Marketing is a team game and everything is connected. While handling a project, the media team needs to constantly communicate with the content team. On the other hand, content professionals need to work with designers. In short, a Digital Marketing professional should have comprehensive knowledge of diverse fields and not just in their own field. Hence, it is very important to choose a complete course covering different topics.

A good Digital Marketing training course contains the following:

1.    Marketing Fundamentals – It contains the basic introduction to Marketing. If you don’t have proper marketing knowledge, you cannot become a good Digital Marketer. It is as simple as that. This module consists of Fundamentals and Introduction to Digital Marketing, and Digital Marketing Channels and Metrics.

2.    Digital Channels – It goes into the depth of Digital Marketing and is one of the most important segments in any course. Here, you get to learn about the diverse fields in Digital Marketing which are – Web site Design and Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, and Display Advertising. In this module, you will get to know about certain tools in Digital Marketing like Woorank, Moz, Facebook Ads, SEM Rush, Hubspot and more.

3.    Branding, Strategy-making, and Communication – Digital Marketing is a vast field and it requires proper plans and strategy before execution. Be it competitors or current marketing trends, there are various things to consider when preparing a Digital Marketing strategy.  This module covers them. It consists of several chapters like Engagement strategy, Competitor Analysis, Branding, Communication, and Online Reputation Management.

4.    Marketing Analytics – If you are into Digital Marketing then you need to deal with a lot of tools, statistics, and data. This is where Marketing analytics comes into the picture. This segment includes Marketing Data Identification and Collection, Marketing Data Integration, Predictive analysis, and Decision-making. Clever Tap, Google analytics, MY SQL, and Branch are some of the tools covered in this module.

While all those modules consist of a boatload of information about different elements of Digital Marketing, the main basis of distinction should be the faculty. This is why aspirants should do a bit of research on the faculty. One of the most important parts of Digital Marketing is decision-making. You can only improve your decision-making skills with experience. As a result, faculty who have years of expertise in this field can be a sensational choice.

What are the most in-demand Digital Skills?
The gobsmacked progress of Digital Marketing is something that is here to stay. In fact, the digital economy is already embedded in our day-to-day lives. Digital spend is increasing every second. And as brands are pouring in more cash on digital, the employment opportunities amplifies. This is great news for aspirants who have a knack towards creativity.

These are some of the most desired digital Marketing profiles for fresher:

a)    Content Marketing - We all know content plays a big role in Digital Marketing. One of the biggest components of digital Marketing is SEO. There is a huge demand for SEO content writers. An SEO writer needs to write blogs, articles, press releases, and forum answers on a consistent basis for different brands.
Expected Starting Salary –  3-5 lacs p.a.

b)    Copywriter – A copywriter needs to come up with unique and creative concepts along with out-of-the-box copies. They need to work in collaboration with graphic designers. Out-of-the-box thinking and creativity are heavily rewarded in this field and who knows it better than a copywriter?
Expected Starting Salary –  2.5-4 lacs p.a.  

c)    SEO Expert – Google faces around 40,000 search queries every second. And imagine how beneficial it would be for brands if their pages come on to the leading pages of Google for particular queries. Well, this is SEO. An SEO expert needs to work on on-page and off-page SEO to bolster website rankings.
Expected Starting Salary –  2.5 – 4.5 lacs p.a.
d)    Social Media Expert – Social Media is one of the biggest weapons of Digital Marketing. A Social Media Expert designs social media strategy to bolster brand presence across various social media platforms.
Expected Starting Salary –  3-7 lacs p.a.

e)    Google ADs Expert – While most of social media and SEO is an organic stunt to fetch more traffic, Google Ads are more direct and paid. Be it analytical skills or market knowledge, a Google AD Expert is expected to run Google ADS and improve lead acquisition cost.
Expected Starting Salary –  4-8 lacs p.a.

The salaries mentioned above are for fresher and with more experience, the packages will dramatically improve.

Winding Up
Digital Marketing will generate more than 10 lakh job openings only in India over the next few years. The future looks bright and it would take a miracle to replace Digital Marketing. As a fresher, you will definitely want to enter a field where you can grow, learn, and prosper, and Digital Marketing gives you just that.

It is true there are plenty of blogs like this available on the web but you need a solid foundation before entering this field. This where a Digital Marketing course can help your cause. The massive potential of Digital is not a secret and so there are many people looking to make a switch or start a career in Digital Marketing. You might have the knack and desire but you will probably get lost in the crowd if your resume is not special. So, opt for a Digital Marketing course and stand apart from the rest.

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