As technology progresses, the choice of equipment has also changed over time. While an essential part of America’s lighting history, neon has been slowly phased out. Regardless, if you have restrictions on neon light usage at night, a LED neon flex product over traditional glass tube neon lights offers you a lot more bang for your buck. When you compare the advantages of the two, you will quickly see why more companies are moving toward LED options than traditional glass neon tubes. Perhaps, this is the reason why LED Custom Signs NYC has become famous throughout the world today.

Many experts believe that LED is the right direction for individuals today. We will know if it is effective and better than the traditional ones in this article. It enables us to launch ourselves into creativity using LED more effectively than the fluorescent tubes.

Why Led Custom Neon Signs Are a Better Choice Than Traditional Ones?

Basic difference

The LED is useful in appearance because it provides constant glow while the traditional neon lights give off a flickering image. Neon glass tubes are heavier as compared to the LED neon signs that make it an obvious choice for business people. Neon tubes emit a florescent color that does not strike as attractive as the LED. The LED neon signs are certainly a primary choice for most businessmen today because of it’s higher facilities. Moreover, LED technology is environmentally friendly than the tubes used traditionally.

Performance of either product

Performance-wise, LED gives brighter light than the traditional ones. It can be easily spotted by the individuals even from a great distance. When it comes to traditional neon tubes, the experts suggest that they start deteriorating with time. LED’s, however, can have a longer life as compared to the traditional ones. Such aspects may prove that the latest technology is more efficient than traditional ones in comparison.

Pricing specialty

Even though the price depends heavily on style and size chosen by most of us individually, LED is slightly cheaper than the traditional neon sign. Due to the rapid decrease in demand with the market, the prices of the classic neon signs have been rising at a faster pace. We would find LED neon signs easily than the traditional ones, mostly because of the market demands.

The versatility of both the products

When it comes to functionality, most business people will see that the traditional neon signs remain fixed. That means we cannot customize or even have the opportunity to do so concerning the visual experience of the individuals.

In comparison to that, the LED signs have a higher level of versatility. It is because we can have an enhanced level of creativity. Most importantly, the LED lights are more compatible, and it can even change color. This brings the opportunity for an individual to innovatively design the signs using colorful aspects and brighter light that can also seem active in nature.

Power utilization

We can also see that the LED signs attain a more significant advantage because of their ability to consume less power than the traditional neon signs. It is because the traditional neon signs have a higher voltage.

Maintenance of the neon signs

Maintenance and cleaning are easier with an LED neon sign, as expected. With traditional neon signs, the individual is forced to turn off the lights before cleaning. Since the surface of the tubes would mostly be hot, the individuals used to let it cool off before trying anything on it. With LED neon signs, we just need a damp cloth, without having to you think whether it's on or off.


Many business people choose LED channel letter over the traditional neon signs because of its additional features. The firm VIDA Graphics & Signs offers the LED custom neon signs at affordable rates only to satisfy most of us. This is because the market has been shifting more comfortably at the LEDs than the traditional tubes.

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