Install HP Envy 5530 printer and get your printouts in excellent quality

To install any HP printer you need to execute a set of steps. The device is well known for the top and the best features. Wireless setup method is widely preferred by most of the users today. Here are the guidelines to set up your device over the wireless network.

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Steps to install HP Envy 5530 printer

If your device is new take it out from the package and then prepare it for the setup process. We suggest the users to collect all the essential requisites before they proceed. Note down the essential requirements to complete the setup.

  • Username and password for the wireless network
  • Computer for software installation
  • Website to complete the software and driver download
  • CD to install the software
  • To begin with the Installation process

Switch on the device and then connect the cables in the proper position. If you would like to connect the device to the wireless network, go to the control panel and then tap on the wireless icon.Wait for some time and check if the wireless light is blinking.

The next step will prompt you to choose the wireless setup wizard and you can start executing the onscreen instructions of the wizard (Go to the settings > Tap on the wireless setup wizard).

How to download the compatible software for your HP Envy 5530 printer?

There are two methods to download the compatible software for your HP Envy 5530 printer?

  • Download from the customer support page- Go to the page and type the name of the Printer and the version of the operating system. Search results will appear and you can choose the correct version from the list.
  • Select the software>Tap on the download tab>Go forward with the onscreen instructions> The software download process is now complete
  • If you prefer using the installation CD , insert the CD to the computer and open the setup file. Extract the file to the required folder and go forward with the onscreen prompts

Troubleshooting guide

To troubleshoot the errors associated with the setup, there are lot of guidelines available. You must connect the device to the good speed network. Check the printer settings and the version of the software that you use. Always use the right credentials for your wireless network(Username –SSID and the password (WEP or WPA)

Talk to our network team to know more about the HP Envy 5530 printer setup. Go to our page to know more about the HP Envy 5530 Driver at my blogs 5530 or just make a call to the toll-free number +1-855-602-1890.

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