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7 Technologies Business Owners Should Consider Using Today

Liam Miller1730 08-Jul-2019

The technologies that business owners should use

7 Technologies Business Owners Should Consider Using Today

Data security

This is actually the main technology that every business should take seriously. It is mostly because of the many incidents of malware and breaches that exist nowadays. A survey showed that only 68% of current companies utilize this technology. It is necessary to have it, and, in fact, the companies, that are not using, can get fines in some cases.

The legislation keeps changing all the time, and it seems like the importance of data security is lagging behind in relation to the amount of data a company has. For instance, small businesses, who have ten clients, may not feel the necessity to use this technology. But on the contrary, lack of data security makes them more vulnerable.

2. CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

All the data related to the clients is kept in CRM. This is the technology which manages the interactions and relationships of the business with existing and potential clients. It enables organizations to get connected to customers, streamlines activities and improves profits. Moreover, CRM assists the salespersons to analyze the requirements of clients, and even anticipate their challenges at the right moment. This, in turn, enhances customer satisfaction, ensures loyalty and more benefits.

3. HR software

This is the software which assists in managing the information of employees and activities performed by HR. It helps managing individuals, automating manual activities and maintaining data in order.

The software reduces working time for an HR through automation. Besides that, it helps in HR activities to plan well, control budgets and make decisions.

4. Cloud computing

This is the technology which delivers hosted services through the Internet. It facilitates access to data and applications from anywhere in the world and from any gadget that is connected to the network. This provides companies with scalable computing resources which, in turn, saves them costs for maintenance.

5. Chatbot

This is a computer program or an AI that carries out conversations through audio or text. The app is normally created in a manner that simulates people’s behavior when communicating. Chatbots streamline the interaction between services and individuals, improving client experience.

6. Social media

For instance, most companies have already had official Facebook pages, and they use Facebook Messenger as a communication and marketing tool. But this technology is expected to explore more. Currently, Facebook is getting over one billion users each month. This makes it a very large pool to find clients. Companies can use messenger to facilitate shopping, drive awareness about their brand, and even show their clients that they care. Messenger also helps companies to solve issues faster, thus building trust among customers.

7. Content searching using voice

Companies have often been engaging in search engine optimization strategies to enable their sites to get high ranking in the Google search. And for a long time, people have interacted with Artificial Intelligence assistants to help in communicating, shopping and learning processes.

Currently, the above two activities are colliding. Searching using voice has changed the way people get and search content. This brings a great opportunity for companies to improve their visibility, and most of them are moving to the voice searching method.

The main reason why it’s crucial to switch to voice searching is that many companies are often using mobile gadgets and smart speakers to do a voice search. When that happens, their queries become more conversational and longer, compared to the normal searches.


Those are the biggest technologies that every company should consider. Any business owner, who wants to prosper, must always focus on the future. This entails thinking about forthcoming technological changes. A good entrepreneur is also supposed to be open-minded about adopting new techniques, as well as the changes they come with. 

Updated 08-Jul-2019

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