It is a clear fact that no one likes ads even if it comes with a better service. AOL desktop gold generally surrounded with a bundle of ads and it annoys everyone. Now there is a great thing for you that you can remove these ads if you want. With a proper advantage plan, you can easily activate or deactivate the ad-free mail for one username on an account. If you are unable to get rid of ads, then you need to aol desktop gold download again and try to use that feature again.

Know the process of activating ad-free mail for AOL desktop gold:

You can follow these simple steps to activate ad-free mail for AOL desktop gold remove annoying messages:

• Go to the login page and sign in to AOL with the username that you want to activate for.

• Go to the option ad-free mail for AOL desktop gold.

• You will find the activate now option and click on it. You will be sent an activation message if you are eligible.

• Go to AOL desktop and sign out.

• Then log in again with the same username and check if it’s working.

It is to be noted that you can activate the ad-free mail for AOL desktop for only one username on an AOL account. Also, you can avail this plan if you are eligible. If you are not eligible, then you may then AOL may deny you to do that.

Easy process to deactivate the ad-free mail for AOL desktop:

• You can change the plan anytime and easily can convert your AOL from ad-free to get ads. You can deactivate the ad-free plans with these steps:

• Go to my benefits page and log in.

• Then you need to open activated tab.

• Next, you will find ad-free mail for AOL desktop gold and click on deactivate option.

• You will get a confirmation message asking your permission to deactivate the benefit.

• Now you can simply allow it to deactivate the ad-free service.

• You can log out and then log in again to see the ads in your particular AOL desktop gold account.

Simple hacks for moving this benefit to another username on your same account:

As it has been mentioned that AOL allows only for username on an account to activate the ad-free mail. But there is an option for you to activate the benefit to the different username on the same account. To so do you should deactivate the benefit for the particular username and then activate it for different username on the same account.

If you need further support so you should not hesitate to get connected with the AOL customer service or try to install aol gold again and try to enable these features to get rid of ads.

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