For every business enterprise, storing their huge amounts of data is a complex issue. Not all enterprises have enough space and resources to store, maintain, and safeguard their data. In such instances, they have to opt for hiring space in a data center to store their information. If one compares the options, we can safely say that in most of the situations, renting space from a data center service provider is advantageous compared to building individual data centers.

A data center where more than one enterprise rent space and resources for storing, accessing, maintain their data is known as a colocation site. Also called as carrier hotel or colo, in short, the collocations provide the business enterprises with equipment, power, bandwidth, cooling, and physical security of the server, storage, and networking equipment such as the telecommunication systems, etc.

A business enterprise can either choose to rent space on a common server or rack and share the resources with other enterprises or they can opt for exclusive suites where the data belonging to only their enterprise will be stored. The prices will depend on the amount of space and resources an enterprise will opt to rent.
The colocation sites provide the enterprise with,
•    Lowered risk of loss of data due to natural calamities,
•    Lowered costs of power consumption,
•    Reduced operational costs,
•    Increased sustainability,
•    Protection of investment,
•    Options for innovation,
•    Reduced taxes depending on the location of the businesses.
 The business enterprises can focus and invest in their core areas as the data centers take full care of the data stored with them. The colo sites have fire protection systems, cooling systems, smoke detectors, air conditioning systems, generators for continuous power supply, and other systems that help in maintaining the temperature of the data centers. The servers are constantly running and generate a lot of heat. It is important to keep the temperatures at an optimum level to provide uninterrupted services for the clients.

From small-sized business enterprises to global industries, any business can rent space on a colocation site. They can also control or pick the design and usage of the equipment for storing their data. Here are some of the types of designs that are available for the enterprise to choose from.
•    Cabinets
o    A locked unit that holds a server rack is called a cabinet in a data center. It shares the power and cooling resources with other tenants.
•    Cages
o    A cage is surrounded by mesh walls. One can enter inside only through a door which is locked. The cooling and power systems are shared with other tenants.
•    Suites
o    A suite is a private server space which is enclosed with solid partitions. The resources may be shared or provided on an individual basis.
•    Modules
o    Modules are an advanced way to add more racks and servers to the existing colocation site. The design is such that the components can be easily added or removed depending on the requirements of the clients.
There are numerous companies that are providing data center services in the market. It is important to pick the right company that best suits the interests and requirements of an enterprise.

One of the leading data center companies has come up with an advanced technology that not just reduces the cost of renting space but is also environment-friendly by using the renewable energy resources and recycling water used for cooling the data center. Moreover, the company manufactures 80% of its data center which allows them to offer the services for a much cheaper price compared to the others.
The Tier 5 Platinum standard is the latest innovation from the same company. With a major focus on physical security, carrier and power systems, Tier 5 platinum is flexible and advantageous than Tier 4 standard data centers.

With seven-layer security that includes surveillance cameras and restricted access, the data centers are built using non-inflammable materials and have windowless walls. The doors are reinforced with steel, while the security system conducts regular threat assessments to check their security levels and upgrade them. To summarize, these data centers are one of the best in the world.

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