Do you find greyish blue colour insects crawling in the walls and on the floors of your homes? Then, they are the silverfish which are harmful to humans as well as for pets in your homes. There is an ample number of ways that you can opt in your daily life; to get rid of the silverfish in your homes. For the complete control of the silverfish, you need to have the Silverfish Control Services at your homes. The experts will try the best solutions to fix the problem of infestation in your homes. Let us have a look upon the different ways, that are used to control the silverfish.

Different ways to Get Rid of the Silverfish

  • Avoid the Excess humidity

The silverfish is one of the pests which increases in number, where there is humidity and in damp places. So it is important to reduce the humidity to growth. The experts suggest using the dehumidifier to prevent the excess humidity in the rooms. Also, you can provide good ventilation to keep the excess humidity out of the room.

  • Avoid the Food Sources Uncovered

To control the infestation of the silverfish in the kitchen, it is important to cover all the eatable items and store them in a clean place. As by avoiding the food sources, you can control the infestation of the silverfish. The silverfish get attracted to the food sources, so it better to remove the food sources and make starfish die due to starvation.

  • Use of Boric Acid

Boric acid is the best thing and the safest way to get rid of the silverfish. The boric acid powder helps to kill the silverfish and also helps to destroy the eggs of the silverfish as well. Sprinkle the boric acid powder in different corners of the house for the effective control of the silverfish.

  • Use of Diatomaceous Earth

The diatomaceous earth is another organic product that helps to kill and control the silverfish in the homes. You need to sprinkle the diatomaceous earth powder twice a week at every place of the house. Wear the gloves while using the diatomaceous earth, as it can effect on your skin.

  • Reduce the Excess Clutter

The clutter is also responsible for the infestation of the silverfish. So remove the unnecessary things from your house, and keep the house neat and clean. So the reduction of clutter reduces the silverfish instantly.

Why Hire Us?

Do you want to get rid of the silverfish infesting at your homes? Then what you are waiting for, and get the professional Pest Control Canberra. We at Marks Pest Control offer you with the silverfish pest control at your location. The expert handles the situation in the best way and offers the ease to control the silverfish. The experts are highly skilled and use the best methods to control the silverfish. They offer the best services within the short notice when you contact them.


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