3 DIYs For Carpet Stain Removal

Carpets form an essential part of our home environment and interior decor. They provide us with a soft ground to walk upon plus they add beauty and elegance to our interior decor. It is advisable that one should follow routine carpet cleaning from time to time so as to maintain their quality and shine. The big problem for the deterioration of the quality and appearance of the carpet is stains. Stains can cause permanent damage and decolourisation of the carpet fibres. It is important to treat the stains asap or it will leave a spot that will affect the look of the carpet. Also ignoring carpet stain removal will result in contamination of the carpet by dangerous pathogens and germs. Professional carpet cleaning services can be hired for carpet stain removal and carpet sanitisation as well. In the meantime, you can follow this blog for 3 DIYs for carpet stain removal at home.

DIYs for Carpet Stain Removal at Home 

  • Detergent and Water
  • Simple detergent and water can be used for almost any kind of organic or food stain on the carpet. First, you need to blot the stain to absorb all the excess of staining fluid. Afterwards, you need to rinse a cloth in detergent water solution. Dab the stain with this cloth and clean the stained patch of the carpet. Repeat for perfect Carpet Cleaning Mundaring results. Take a plain cloth rinsed in water and clean the stained patch again to remove all the detergent. Dry the carpet with a dry cloth and repeat for desired carpet stain removal results.
  • Baking Soda
  • Baking soda is an excellent substance that you can use for carpet stain removal as well as for carpet sanitisation. Start by absorbing all the extra fluid on the stained patch by a plain cloth. Now sprinkle some amount of baking soda powder on the stain and cover the stain with this powder completely. Leave the baking soda powder on the stain for a while. Now you will see the soda has been dried, take a brush and remove this soda pasting. Finish the carpet stain removal by cleaning the stained patch with a wet cloth. Repeat the process for desired carpet stain removal results.
  • White Vinegar
  • White vinegar is also good for carpet stain removal and can also work for carpet deodourisation. You can start by making a solution of white vinegar and warm water both taken in equal parts. Pour this solution in an empty spray bottle. Spray this solution over the stain and saturate the stain with this solution completely. Let the solution stay on the stain for half an hour. Finish the cleaning of the stain with a cloth rinsed in white vinegar, make sure you dab the stain again and again till the stain fades away. Now clean the stain with a plain wet cloth. Repeat the above process for desired carpet stain removal results.

Professional Assistance:

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