A lot of people out there who are starting to buy kpop merch aren't really sure where to go what to buy like where to buy and where's the best places for prices and shipping and places that kind of suck so I just I feel like maybe I can help you guys out since I bought so many albums from so many different places .


Where I Buy Cheapest Kpop Merch


My favorite place to buy albums is kpopmart, it’s always been really amazing for me their packaging is well their shipping is incredibly fast their packaging is incredibly safe and even though they don't have tracking it doesn't bother me.

Because sometimes I feel like it adds to the anticipation of getting your package like right now I've been waiting over like 15 days for a package and it's not fun but the fact that there's no track doesn't bother me at all and like I said it kind of adds to the whole atmosphere thing of getting your package but really the best thing about kpopshop.com for me is that they count on the huntail chart and the huntail chart is really important because the Hanteo chart adds to idols abilities to win 

 so when you're buying from a website I feel like it's really important that they mention that they count on the hotteok chart because that helps your idols win first place and I totally want to support them that way so I'm going to buy from places that help them whereas when you buy from eBay or Amazon you're never really sure if they actually count on the hunt a Oh chart which is why I never buy from Amazon eBay unless I have and I'll get to that later but um another thing about kpop shop is that they have amazing like rewards so for every dollar you spend not every dollar but for like I forgot what it was but for every amount of money you spend you get money back like the other day I had about 17 dollars saved up in foul sure points and I was able to get 17 boys be album essentially free - shipping of course so kpop shop is just incredible and I would really like to show you what their packaging looks like and I'd planned for that today but obviously that didn't come through because I didn't get my packages today but anyways moving on the next place that I love is music Plaza and music Plaza is great because they're based in LA and that is only great if you live in America because it is shipping it's gonna cost a lot more if you live somewhere else first off and second it's going to take just as long as it is from Korea so I choose music clothes us simply because I live about five hours away from LA and I get my packages in about two to three days and they ship out right away their packaging is amazing and they're really really sweet their customer service is incredible speaking of customer service kpop shop has like the best customer service I've ever like encountered in my life they are my favorite people because they're so nice and that is also one of the reasons I go back to them but back to music Plaza Music Plaza is also incredibly nice they're sweet kind they give you lots of extras so does kpop Mart essentially the plaza is perfect except for the prices because they're shipping us so low and also because they have to order from Korea themselves their prices are slightly higher than if you were to buy it from Korea granted I think it's worth it if you want the album sooner um also if it's like an older album I choose music Plaza a lot more because I know I'll get it faster and I know that even though the price is higher it'll worth it in the end.


 Next, I'm going to talk about ktown4u which used to be my favorite site because the prices are incredibly low they have incredible deals and overall they were really amazing until I ran into a problem with them and it just kind of ruined everything with them and I only haven't used them since I probably won't use them again cavetown for you screwed up, and their customer service wasn't amiable about it I'm not going to go into a lot of detail about what happened if you want to know I can tell you in the comments but I'm just I don't it happened it's done I'm not going to use them again but don't let one bad experience I've had to ruin your chances of falling in love with them because they're actually really great their prices are high.

Just try them if you'd like I mean I recommend trying all of these places to find the home that's best for you price-wise shipping wise and customer service wise another thing about kpop right but I just remembered is free posters for pre-orders and most of the time because I never really take that off so most of the time you get free signs and they have two dollar posters once they have like an overstock of signs you can buy them for like two dollars it's great moving on Amazon and eBay now I only use Amazon and eBay if I have to and the reason is because they don't always count on the hunt an ochart also you can get easily ripped off on both Amazon, and eBay people can lie to you about the quality of an album even if they have pictures people can manipulate like what you're going to get, and I'll actually give you all of that, and so I don't really like Amazon and eBay I mean I use them quite often because let's face it signed albums out of press albums and used collections if I want to go cheap I like being cheap recently bought from both Amazon and eBay have unusual like customer service as well the only problem is you never know what you're going to get it's done from outside sellers

so I usually don't use Amazon or eBay unless it's for signed albums out of press albums or like really really expensive albums that might be cheaper there and if you are looking at both eBay and Amazon I suggest like comparing prices between eBay and Amazon because sometimes things will be cheaper on Amazon than they are on eBay and so also take into account that there is prime for Amazon which is amazing today shipping you get your albums in like two days moving on the last two pieces.

 I'm going to talk about our kpopplus and kpoptown the reason why they're last is obviously that I don't like them every time


I forgot YesAsia, sorry every time I've used the pop plus and kpop town; it has been a lousy experience kpop town takes almost a month to get here and usually when I order kpopplus hip up plus a kpoptown. I don't know one of them takes over a month to get here when I can order from kpop Mart or eBay and get it in like two weeks, and it's ridiculous to me.

 I don't understand, and their customer service is pretty crappy and then the other one either kpop plus or kpop town has canceled so many orders on me they say that they have a lot of like older albums out of press albums in stock but in reality they don't they're kind of like yesasia where they're like oh we can order it from someplace.

 We don't actually have that which brings me to yesasia I don't use yes Asia unless it's foreign like a non-Korean album if I want to buy a Taiwanese press album or Taiwanese artist album, yesasia

if I want to buy a Japanese price album or Japanese artist yesasia.

 because yes it’s excellent and they have free shipping on like Leopard but now like if you have $50 or more they have free shipping, but that doesn't really make up for it because the ship is really slow also their packaging is not great, so there's a lot about us agent I also don't like, and I mean.

 I like Ghost Asia but their prices they're also really really expensive, and as always they're shipping so it's just not worth it to me hi guys, so my car is dying it did die in the middle of this so I'm going to do this really fast um I hope I helped you guys if not I'm really really sorry.

Other places for cheapest kpop merch

Kpop Albums

I'm going to share with you guys my little secret on how I get expensive albums and where to buy inexpensive albums. I recently purchased its' third and fourth album. They were each five dollars and then I also bought two PM number five mini album which is upside down, and this was 20 dollars but it was only twenty dollars because it’s tada, it is signed total I got these for thirty dollars plus seventeen dollars in shipping because this was coming from South Korea and I did put tracking on it technically only for the album's I paid thirty dollars, so that is great.

 I wanted to share this outlet with you guys so you guys have an idea of where you guys can purchase albums if you guys have art on a budget so basically the big secret is that I buy these off of Facebook so there's this k-pop group that you guys may or may not know about it's called buying and selling pop it's a closed group on Facebook, where people can invite you to the group in order to purchase pop albums so basically this group has over 68,000 members cause the ability to buy and sell pop albums or anything kpop related kpop concert tickets shirts merch anything like that .

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