Working with Partial View in MVC Razor

Hi everyone in this blog, I’m explaining about partial view in mvc.


In general a Partial View is like a web user control in ASP.Net applications. Partial Views and User Controls serve the same purpose.

ASP.NET MVC consists of three main parts - Model, View and Controller. Model represents the business entity or domain object and it manages the state of View. Controller controls the application logic and communication between Model and View. A view represents the user interface, which receives input from user and sends to controller for further action. In this blog, I explain about ASP.NET MVC special views like Partial Views and Layouts.

Uses of Partial Views

  1. A partial view can be used as a reusable component that can be called or used from multiple and different views.
  2. A partial view contains reusable mark-up if you want to render from inside multiple views.
  3. The partial view are used to render a consistent look like header, footer, comments and so on.

Rendering Partial View: We can render a partial view using one of the following 4:

  1. Html.Partial
  2. Html.RenderPartial
  3. Html.Action
  4. Html.RenderAction 

Now in my example I will add a partial view. For this go to Solution Explorer

then select Views -> Shared Folder -> Right-click -> Add View.

Working with Partial View in MVC Razor


Give a name to your View and check Create As a partial View as in the


Working with Partial View in MVC Razor


Now I am writing a line of text in this Partial View:

Working with Partial View in MVC Razor


Now for the Home controller, here I add a new action ShowMyPartialView().

So after it my Home Controller will look such as below:

Working with Partial View in MVC Razor


Now for the View -> Home -> Index.cshtml.

Here I am rendering a Partial View using 4 types, so the index.cshtml will be like the following:


    ViewBag.Title = 'Index';
<h3>Rendering Partial View:</h3>
<ol class='round'>
    <li class='one'>
        <h5>By Using Html.RenderPartial #</h5>
        @{Html.RenderPartial('MyPartialView'); }
    <li class='two'>
        <h5>By Using Html.Partial #</h5>
    <li class='three'>
        <h5>By Using Html.RenderAction #</h5>
        @{Html.RenderAction('ShowMyPartialView', 'Home');}
    <li class='four'>
        <h5>By Using Html.Action #</h5>




Working with Partial View in MVC Razor

in my next post i'll explain about Online and Offline Events in HTML5

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