Download, Install and Setup environment for nodejs in Windows OS 64 bit

NodeJs is the advanced JavaScript. The aim of the article is to get you started with developing applications with NodeJs . In this article, I’m explaining how to download, install, setup environment for nodejs in Windows OS 64 bit create and run a simple programe in nodejs.

Step 1:

Download  Windows Installer (.msi)             64-bit       

From the below link:

Step 2:

Install your downloaded software (node-v0.10.24-x64.msi)








Step 3:

1.      After complete installation open a new file and create a program for print “Hello World!” and save file with “.js” extension.

2.      Write the below code in the Hello.js

              console.log(‘Hello World’);

3.      Open command prompt and go to your file location.

4.      Write code for run your program.

node file_name.js



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