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Things You Should Know About Karachi

Jone Smith 1118 27-Jun-2019

Things You Should Know About Karachi

Do you also make a plan for going to Karachi; want to spend your holidays? If your answer is yes, or not, then, in both situations you must put an eye look at the popularity of this city. Karachi is the financial capital (because of a seaport) and the biggest city of Pakistan, because of its diverse cultures, architecture, heritage, lots of spoken languages and rich of history it known heart of the country. There is everything is possible for getting successful life, people earned money by making a castle from the sand, it has many education centers, that help to gain better knowledge and awareness about the modern lifestyle. All new fashions, things, technologies come first in this city due to the seaport. All countries connected with this city for the concern of import or export. Not only seaport even many airlines also provide best services for this city like Serene Airline is the domestic flight that provides its services for the Karachi. Lots of other stuff makes this city more famous even in the whole world. Look over some of the main possible collection make it famous.  


Things You Should Know About KarachiThe Architectural house design boosts its beauty in the country, some houses made from the old/ ancient style like a Subcontinent, this attract people’s attention and fall in curiosity to visit once this houses. Some of the famous building and towers are mentioned there; The Merewether Clock Tower, Empress Market, and Frere Hall are alluring architectural pieces from the British Victorian Era, in which includes modern art of Harbor Front, MCB Tower, Bahria Town Icon, and The Ocean Tower.

Traditional Transport:

Things You Should Know About KarachiKarachi’s second name is the city of lights; this city is not only the biggest due to its population, but even there is a facility of transport is also one of the brilliant arts. Yes, their transports look like a very traditionally painted truck, mini busses for the public mobility, rickshaws (that also called tuk-tuks), and big buses always ready provide services to the citizens and even to the tourists. Tourists enjoy traditional transport and especially reserve Lahore to Karachi Flights to enjoy this city.

Shopping Facility:

Things You Should Know About KarachiThe great thing about Karachi is that you can buy everything from there very conveniently. There are lots of big Malls, boutiques, markets, and shops. If you require shoelaces, luxury yacht, furniture, cheap electronic gadgets, designer clothes, cigarettes, drugs, arms & ammunition or any necessity item, you just need to go and can buy everything. Their seasonal markets are also held where all products very qualitative with at very reasonable rates.


Things You Should Know About KarachiKarachi is more beautiful due to the Sea. Yes, it’s not a river, canal or fountain, it is a sea. Which puts more glitter in this city beauty because there are many beach sites due to the Sea. The Clifton Beach, French Beach and Gadani, Hawk’s bay, CVU and many more famous sites around the seas that give proper environment like other counties.


Things You Should Know About KarachiWhen we talk about the fancy city, then how to forget to discuss its cuisine, yummy foods that you eat once but never forget your life. It is the heart of food lover; this city has a wide range of different tasty food that offers to the peoples to make your taste buds tastier. The famous Burns Road where is the hustle and bustle of Saddar, and is famous for its traditional cuisine items such as Nihari, Karahi, Haleem, Katakat, all sorts of barbequed Kababs, fried fish, desserts such as Rabri, and traditional drinks such as Lassi and Sugar cane juice. Fish to a very famous item in the Karachi, all kind of fish you can easily buy to eat. Even there is also a very unique and tasty variety of the Sweets in which Indian’s ingredient sweets also include.

Mazaar-e Quaid:

Things You Should Know About KarachiDon’t dar3e to forget discus the Mizar e Quaid. Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was dead in Karachi; his tomb was established in it. Citizens and even visitors must come to visit this tomb in the memories and great efforts of Quaid to get Pakistan. It is a very impressive landmark to attract many visitors.

Mohatta Place:

Things You Should Know About KarachiShivratan Chandraratan Mohatt was this Palace in the 1920s. He was a Hindu businessman from Marwar who used this palace for a summer home. It is built with the stone style palaces in Rajasthan. The windows, stone brackets, spandrels, domes, balustrades with floral motifs and railings are just fascinating and amazing. On the terrace of the Palace the temple the Hindu’s GOD Shiva temple is situated. Nowadays, it becomes a museum, which exhibits the history of Sindh, the freedom struggle and information about the Karachi.

Ibn e Qasim Garden:

Things You Should Know About KarachiIbn-e-Qasim garden is Pakistan's largest park that is situated along the Arabian Sea in Clifton, Karachi. The park built on 130 acres. In which provide an accommodation facility for about 300,000 people at a time. It has countless trees, stone benches, lighting towers and footlights for the visitor's convenience. It has been open for 24 hours a day. It is a great effort to provide the best time place for the people.

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