Seven Best Living Room Decor Items you will Love

The personal taste of an individual is depicted by its living room as it is the first place observed by any guest. Every article placed in the living room should complement each other.

The things to be considered while starting the decoration are setting of design goal, occupancy of space, articles to be retained or replaced, etc. Few ideas have been shared to make the room look luxurious.

1. Large scale art hanging

Select any focal point and then hang any large size art piece to add a wow factor to the look of your living room. This would give a glamorous look with little effort.

Always look around at stores to find large pieces at reasonable prices. Some pieces can also be created by using your own creative skills at an extremely affordable budget.

2. Simplified styles

The disorganized and messy look is obtained by adding excessive accessories in an attempt to give a chic and sophisticated look to the living room.

Pieces having any sentimental or emotional value should be retained and pare down the others. It will lead to creating more space, as a result, the pieces placed would shine more and give a simplified look.

3. Color palettes

An aesthetic appearance can be given to the room by adding some patterns and textures. Your creativity and taste can be depicted by these colored patterns and textures.

4. Selection of furniture

Furniture layouts are the most important aspect of the living room. Furniture should give a full stylish comfortable, attracting and vibrant look. They occupy the greater space in the living room and the main focus of attention so they should have a really welcoming look.

5. Antique textiles

The customized look can be given by the use of vintage and ancient textiles to make covers for cushions or small pieces in the room such as stools or seats.

By using an antique rug for the floor, the glamorous look can be instantly enhanced. Any unusual textile used will give a personal look to your room. On the other hand, a textural fabric on the sofa would provide a comfortable impact.

6. Addition of sculptural articles

A chic view is obtained by using any unique shape sculptural article. Instead of placing all straight or circular items any different shape item would prevent the room from becoming a sea of similar items.

The unique shape item would represent a piece of art in the room within your budget limits. An artistic view of the room would be enhanced by using such pieces.

7. Placement of trends

It is the most suitable place for adorable trends. For a person who is creative and design enthusiast, it would be the best option to display your thoughts. A bold look can be opted by the use of metallic wall paints. It proves that careful planning and creativity is always fruitful.

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