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Jewelry turns yellow

Olivia Wilason 2209 21-Jun-2019

Jewelry and jade add extra points to our beauty. Some friends find that their own three best friend jewelry has become a disgusting "yellow-faced woman".

Jewelry turns yellow

Diamond ring turns yellow

1, diamond

  A diamond is a very hard gem. It is difficult to wear on its surface in daily activities, but it is actually "very lipophilic." From the soot in the kitchen to the lotion used in skin care, all have its favorite oil. If it is not properly maintained, over time, the surface of the diamond will absorb a layer of grease, which greatly affects the reflection and refraction of the diamond which causes it to look dull.

2, setting

  In order to make the K gold setting more elegant and durable, it will be plated on the surface. Due to housework or frequent contact with cosmetics, the surface of the plating may be worn or corroded, revealing the true color of the ring, and only need to re-plating the coating to solve this problem.

Emerald turns yellow

1, variants

  If the species of jade is not old enough, it is prone to change. What is a variant? Because the structure is not tight enough, the internal water is slowly lost, resulting in yellowing.

  From left to right, as the degree of oxidation deepens, the color of the jade bracelet gradually darkens from dark green.

2, getting dirty

  If the light jadeite is stained with too much oil, it looks like it turns yellow. In this case, it only needs to be cleaned to make the jade look moisturizing.

3, B goods C goods jade

  After being pickled and glued, the B goods C goods is worn for a long time, the surface wax is gone, the glue is peeled off, and the original dark and yellow appearance is exposed.

Pearl turns yellow

  Although the pearl is beautiful, it can also withstand the vicissitudes of time, and it will turn yellow. Pearls have poor chemical stability and are exposed to the air for a long time. When the nacre is oxidized, it turns yellow from white.

  Treatment method: the pearl can be immersed in 1%-5% dilute hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide solution. With the foam, the yellow outer shell of the pearl surface is gradually dissolved, and then the pearl is quickly taken out, washed with water and dried. This way, the pearl is like a reborn, changing from a yellow face to a young girl.

  Do not soak in dilute hydrochloric acid or hydrogen peroxide for too long, otherwise the damage to the pearl is also great; in addition, if it is a heavily stained pearl name mother's jewelry mom, for example, it has already become black), it can be soaked with 10% salt water, then wash with 3% dilute hydrochloric acid solution and finally rinse with water to restore luster. Although the method is not difficult, but there are risks, if the control of the soaking time controls not good, the pearls may be scrapped.

Hetian jade turns yellow

Hetian jade turns yellow and is generally divided into two situations:

1, oxidation

  Hetian jade's structure is relatively stable and generally does not change. However, some jade will contain trace amounts of iron. It will oxidize over time and it looks like it turns yellow.

2, improper maintenance

  The oil and stains secreted by the human body stick to the Hetian jade during the play. Once it is not cleaned for a long time, it will slowly penetrate into it. It is possible to make yellow or even black.

Moonstone turns yellow

1, yellowish

  Some moonstones are yellowish in their own ore, and processors have mixed this material into the production of complete sets of jewelry. After wearing, the yellowish moonstone will stand out.

2, injection glue

  Some moonstones are found to have cracks during processing. If they are to be processed, they will be covered with glue to cover the cracks. When the glue is peeled off, the cracks will appear, and the stains will wear in the cracks. Moonstone it turned yellow.

3, improper maintenance

  Improper maintenance (such as long-term exposure, placed in a dry environment), there will be yellowing of moonstone.

Tourmaline turns yellow

  The reason why the tourmaline is yellow is only one type of injection. The tourmaline is notoriously cracked. Not only the raw material is cracked, but also cracks during processing, which directly leads to a very low yield of roman jewelry. In order to increase the yield, the glue is volatilized, and the stain will make the tourmaline gradually turn yellow.

Updated 21-Jun-2019

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