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Are you searching for Jobs in Mumbai? Well, you are not alone!

Abubakar Bashir 662 19-Jun-2019

Finding jobs in Mumbai captures the fancy of a vast majority of aspirants from across India. Working conditions and wages in India are quite different from those of other western countries. The official work timings in India start from Monday till Saturday, from 9:30 to 6:30 each day. Even though Indians are quite dedicated to their work and can work beyond regular hours, yet so many companies are not compensating their workers for overtime work.

Are you searching for Jobs in Mumbai? Well, you are not alone!

Working conditions In Mumbai

Working experience in Mumbai can be a learning intensive experience. There can be a slight difference depending on whether you are employed with a small, mid-sized or international business corporation. It comes as no surprise that business practices also vary considerably by region. Landing jobs in Mumbai is not a difficult task if you have the required skillsets and kept yourself abreast of the latest trends related to your profession.

Basic Work Practices

If you have already taken up jobs in Mumbai, you should be already aware of the prevalence of hierarchies in the daily work routine. This designated structure is important to ensure the smooth functioning of the overall system. Unlike in the west, Indians understand that adaption at the workplace and reporting to immediate seniors is highly beneficial to achieve common business objectives.

When it comes to creating the right communication tone in business settings, most employed people will not find it difficult to get their point across to their peers as English is the official business language that is preferred by many besides Hindi and Marathi languages. Work culture in the Indian context is formal in nature, although it’s trending towards less formality as evident from the rise of the start-up culture.

Average Salaries

It comes as no surprise that average Indian salaries are just a fraction of what westerners earn in their nations. Nonetheless, the rate is increasing between 12 and 14% every year. However, expats always have a better chance of earning considerably higher than Indians, still, it depends whether they are employed in local or international companies. There are ample options to make it big in the industry of your choice if you want to grab jobs in Mumbai.

More often than not, companies provide additional benefits and allowances besides salary to their valued employees. Even though it seems impractical to compare Indian salaries with western salaries, yet many people fail to take into account the economic differences between the various countries.

That being said, fringe benefits contribute vastly to every Indian’s salary. The fringe benefits are an important part of every Indian’s emolument and can amount up to a great percentage of the actual salary. These benefits are not taxed at a higher rate and provide impeccable features that are worth considering.

List of Holidays

For those who plan next to find jobs in Mumbai or any other region across India should know that around 21 public holidays are given on an annual basis. Interestingly, expats can also get up to 30 paid leaves in a year. However, ensure that you have gone through the employment contract to get a clear idea about the actual number of holidays mentioned in your contract.

Updated 19-Jun-2019

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