How to fix the Issue of Printing Blank Pages in HP Printer?

How to fix the Issue of Printing Blank Pages in HP Printer?

HP printers have never made anyone disappointed as they are known for producing high-quality prints. But there are times when certain things are not right with your HP printer and that can lead to some issues with your device. One such issue is when you are  getting blank pages from your HP printer and you are not aware of the reason for the same. This issue can generally arise on account of several factors and can be easily resolved with the help of HP Printer Support team. 

You can also go through the instructions given in order to fix the ‘blank pages’ error with your printer: 

1. Ink cartridges must be genuine

With a brand like HP, you cannot expect an unauthentic ink cartridge to work properly. Hence, you need to ensure that only genuine HP ink cartridges have been installed in your HP printer. Moreover, the non-genuine cartridges cannot be trusted anytime as they can create trouble for your printer. This can be one of the reasons for facing blank pages while using the HP printer.

2. Replace the ink cartridges

When the ink cartridges have the lowest ink level, you will receive blank pages from your HP printer. So, it is always recommended to keep a check on the ink cartridges of your printer and replace the same before it gets completely used. Check the ink level of your printer through the device’s control panel and do the replacement if required.

3. Clean the Print head

HP printer also produces blank pages when the print-head is clogged. To clean it, you can use the automated tool using the steps listed below:

  • First of all, load a plain paper in the paper tray.
  • Now, touch the setup button of the control panel of the printer.
  • Go to ‘Tools’, select ‘Clean Print-head’ and press ‘OK’.
  • This will start the print-head cleaning process.
  • After this, print again and check if the issue has been resolved.

4. Proper Positioning of the ink cartridge

If the ink cartridges have not been placed properly in the printer, this is definitely going to create issues while taking out prints. The cartridges should be properly placed in order to avoid any leakage and clogging problem. Remove the ink cartridges and reinstall them properly in case their positioning is not correct.

5. Replacing the ink cartridge

If there will be a defective ink cartridge in your printer, the chances are that you will receive blank pages. In order to replace the defective ink cartridges, the given process can be applied:

  • Firstly, check the quality of the print head test page and there should be no text or color blocks on the test page.
  • The black or colored text, whichever is not showing up properly, you need to replace that ink cartridge with a new one.

If you need further help and support for your HP printer, just make a call at the HP Customer Service Number.

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