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HTML5 App Development - A User-friendly Mobile App Services

Millan Ta 715 18-Jun-2019

The key to success of the HTML5 web application tool is the amount of flexibility that it gives the developer in all cases including UI, development, using scripts, and others. Some important reasons behind the adaptability of using HTML5 in mobile applications are mentioned below.

  • Video and Audio Tags

Using HTML5, web developers can embed rich media without the use of third-party plugins or add-ons. Previous versions of the HyperText Markup Language required the use of Adobe Flash, Quicktime or similar software to embed and playback media. Now, however, web developers can simply use the new <video> and <audio> element tags introduced in HTML5.

  • Offline Web Caching

Another notable benefit of HTML5 is caching for websites. While most of the major web browsers already support resource caching, they have a tendency to automatically delete items to free up storage space for new items. HTML5’s Application Cache eliminates this problem while allowing users to navigate the complete website without an active internet connection (assuming they have cached the files already).

  • Easily Available Manpower 

For any kind of app development, you need a front-line team of developers who can lead you through successful completion of the project. HTML5 is among the most popular tools that are used by many programmers. So, your company should be able to find HTML5 programmers easily. On the other hand, Android and iPhone developers are hard to find, and even if they are available, there is a constant demand for high remunerations. So HTML5 also becomes cost-effective from a hiring point of view.

  • Cleaner Code

The benefits of HTML5 don’t end there. It has been optimized so that developers can write cleaner code by using semantic elements like <footer>, <header>, <main>, and <mark> to describe their content. This eliminates the need for <div=id> and <class=id> tags, offering a cleaner, less messy code.

  • Comes with Remote Update Features

HTML5 enabled web applications comes with remote update features. So, there is no need for users to update it manually. This feature benefits all the parties, be it an app provider or developer. It means web developers do not require providing support for multiple versions and the users don’t have to go through the cumbersome process of manual update again and again.


As a business owner, one must prefer hiring an expert HTML5 mobile app developer who would help in the development of the cross-platform mobile app using the latest technology.

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