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Dance movement therapy controls anxiety and depression

Sleeptab601 18-Jun-2019

Dance movement therapy controls anxiety and depression

Dance has the potential to act as an effective treatment of anxiety. It can be an outlet for both creativity and for having a peaceful state of mind. Dance movement therapy decreases anxiety, lifts the mood and improves quality of life. It offers adequate relaxation to patients of physical and mental trauma, substance abuse and depression. In a dance therapy session, an experienced dance therapist guides anxiety patients through well planned and improvised dance moves. Thus anxiety patients undergo body image exercises, circle dances, inner focus work and stress release exercises without remaining constricted to a strict routine. A diazepam tablet is an effective medication to control anxiety and lead a normal life. It acts on GABA neurotransmitters in the brain to control anxiety, promotes calmness and induces slumber. One can buy Diazepam in Lancashire UK to get relief from stress, nervousness, anxiety and depression.

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