3 Best Sales Force Automation Tools to Look Out for

3 Best Sales Force Automation Tools to Look Out for

The digital wave has us all reaching for our mobile devices- whether as a customer, an employee, or a business owner. All facets of running a business are happening on the smaller, mobile screen. The demand for flexibility and mobility is driving this change across enterprises in various industries.

Just like any other part of a running business, a sales process also goes through several stages. Some of these are lead generation, order tracking and processing, invoicing and payments, customer contact management, reporting and forecasting, and so on.

Evidently, a majority of these tasks were traditionally handled by humans, making the processes tedious, monotonous, inefficient, and costly both in terms of time and money.

Enter, sales force automation tools.

With the advent of sales force automation, a lot of these activities have become easy to track and manage, even on mobile devices. Research has shown that with an SFA solution, administrative time can be slashed by 14 percent.

If you are ready to ride the digital wave and empower your sales teams with the latest tech so they can bring improved conversions, here are a few sales force automation tools worthy of consideration.

#3 Zendesk Sell

This is a sales force automation tool which aims to enhance the productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for your sales force. The tool can be used to provide seamless customer service across channels. It can also help scale up your support operations.

Key features:

● Flexible ticket management

● Collaborative environment

● Multi-channel support

● Assignment management

● CRM integration

● Access control

● Authentications

Zendesk Sell is a mature product with numerous integrations, a mobile-friendly support website, community forums, and the ability to scale with self-service.

However, due to the high pricing of the product, it is only suitable for organizations with a hefty budget to spend on their sales team.

#2 Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

This sales force automation tool focuses on enabling sellers to build meaningful relationships with the right buyers depending on the customer needs.

Key features:

● Lead tracking

● Embedded collaboration

● Sales process flows

● Outlook integration

● Mobile access

The solution can be easily activated and is a good solution for non-technical administrators. However, you might find that the solution needs more extensions, an API, and the capability of on-premise deployment support.

#1 Maxmobility’s GoSales

GoSales is a sales force automation tool that automates key business processes for sales teams. Unlike other SFA tools, this one doesn’t compel you to bur your bank.

Key features:

● CRM integration

● Automated marketing tools

● Cloud-based storage capabilities

● Social media leveraging

● Enterprise mobility solutions

● Lead and contact management

● Schedule management

● Order tracking

● Sales forecasting

● Primary and secondary sales tracking

● Mobile-optimized

GoSales is a real-time, agile, and efficient sales force automation solution that keeps your sales team updated at all times and all places. Since the tool is optimized for mobile, it enhances salespersons’ productivity, allowing them to carry out functions from anywhere.

This enterprise-class solution is aimed at SMEs while it incorporates the industry’s best practices and reporting norms followed by the global giants.

Implementing a sales force automation solution can increase deal closure by 30 percent.

Streamline your sales process, improve on-field sales productivity, track and reward the performance of sales executives, and drive conversions with MaxMobility’s GoSales.

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