what is the impact of social media on everything so far :-

1. Impact on politics: Social media play crucial in shaping public opinion about particular person. According to the research conducted by social media experts, it has been noticed that almost 60-70 percent people acquire information from social media about politics. These people have freedom to communicate with others and share information related to anything they want to. If the social media is flooded with donald trump positivity then it increases the chances of transforming other’s decision who were not even supporting donald trump initially.

2. Impact on society: More than half of the world population is active on facebook and consistently posting information and doing communication. When the majority of people from different regions are clubbed together, various of opinions start popping up in front with different perspectives. It is a source of entertainment where people create memes as well as raise social agendas.

3. Impact on business: social media took marketing to some other level which opened up thousand of gates for businesses. Social media marketing companies raised the bar with its expert techniques and tricks. Companies have opportunity to take their business beyond the region and build customers outside the local area. It provides opportunity to increase sales lead as well as allow you to make the brand popular among different kind of audience too.
4.  Impact on development and work :Social media made task easier for people as one can have access to information right from their home. It becomes easier for people to find jobs same goes for recruiter. You can judge from resume and communication over social media, whether he or she will fit the position or not. It ultimately saves time and money of both the recruiter and seeker.

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