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Ready to Move-In? Get Your New Home Cleaned First

Ready to Move-In? Get Your New Home Cleaned First

If you in the process of unpacking and setting things into your new apartment, you might want to do a rain check; your stuff is still in boxes, and the apartment is still empty…this is probably the best, possibly the only time, for a thorough cleaning before you convert the apartment into a home.

Before you charge in with your cleaning equipment inspired by this idea, our advice is this: instead of doing it yourself, its better if you hire professional cleaning services for the job. This is because the empty apartment is ideal for a deep cleaning. And deep cleaning is, seriously, not a layperson’s job.

Deep cleaning requires some serious commitment, both in terms of workload and time. Chances are, you may end up giving up the cleaning task, what with all the other works and new adjustments you have to bear in the new city, not to mention the emotional stress that comes with it. Trust us, this is not the time to add to your workload. It’s better to allot the work to Flat cleaning services.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should leave cleaning your new apartment to the professionals, literally…

1. Top to bottom cleaning: Deep cleaning requires scrubbing each room from top to bottom- cleaning the ceiling fan, ceiling corners, overhead lights, eventually moving down on to walls, baseboards, and finally, the floors. If the house is bigger, your workload and time also increases.

2. Closet cleaning: Cleaning a closet is perhaps one of the most important things to clean before unpacking. It is also the trickiest. Closet cleaning involves not only cleaning the surfaces thoroughly, but also covering shelves with some sort of vinyl or decorative paper.

3. Don’t forget the washroom: Of course you need to get your toilets cleaned, more vigorously than all other rooms, since unknown people have used it before. You need to get the commodes, drains, washbasin and toilet seats scrubbed and the pipes and shower unclogged. And that’s just for a single one. You may also need to clean the water stains from the tiles, which can get pretty overwhelming.

4. Disinfecting the bathtub: It’s very important to disinfect the bathtub, if any, at your new place, for the same reason you need to clean the washrooms. Disinfecting requires some special chemicals and mixtures that is normally carried by cleaning services in Sharjah.

5. Shining the floors: Shining floors of a new apartment is the most back-breaking work ever. Professional cleaning services have special equipment for the purpose, such as a steam mop and cleaners specially designed for floors.

So halt the unpacking for a while and hire people to clean your new home for you. Spend the time exploring your new city, making new friends and dining at new places with them. By the time you come back, your house will already be as good as new.

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