Electric Fencing And Accessories: Are They Worth?

There are so many accessories in the market to choose from in the present time. You can come across amazing options once you start looking for them. Have you ever explored the options in electric fencing? There are so many accessories that are used in electric fencing and make the experience perfect for you.

You might have come across the accessories like electric fence wire insulators? You know these Electric Fencing insulators permit you to fasten electrified wire, poly-wire, tape or even rope to posts without losing energy through the post. There are different types of styles to choose from and this is because the insulator should match both the type of wire, poly-wire, tape or rope and the kind of post being used.

Why to choose electric fencing?

You know what if you have never used electric fencing then you must go through a few of the many benefits below:

Low price of an Electric Fence

An electric fence can perform the same work or task as a conventional fence making use of much less material. Relying on the length of the fence where the price of the energiser could be spread over, this kind of fencing generally turns out to be cheaper than standard stock fencing.

Convenient to build

Lower wire tension and usually lighter construction make much quicker and easier construction, mainly in challenging terrain. No special capability is required making it appropriate for DIY. No specialist knowledge is needed and an electrician is not essential too. As long as a couple of simple rules are followed an effective fence could be erected by the householder.

The Durability aspect

Electric fences are not at all subjected to the same physical pressure from animals, and can hence be expected to have a greatly extended and stretched service life. The life of old stock fences can be significantly extended making use of an electric fencing outrigger.


You know what these electric fencings are absolutely flexible by nature. You can find them working longer and staying effective. The fence can endure the different seasons and you can get it fixed permanently, semi-permanently or in a portable manner too. As per the requirement you can fix it and stay tension free.

Low maintenance is involved

Once your fence gets properly installed and your stock are trained, the maintenance needs of electric fencing are little diverse from conventional fences. A regular check on the voltage is going to highlight any type of problems with a periodic inspection of vegetation approaching the lines of the fence.

Less damage

The electric shock from the electric fence triggers no physical damage to hides and pelts. In case your stock is forced through the fence by veld fires or even dogs, they are at less danger than with a conventional barbed wire stock fence ripping the hide to shreds incurring vet bills.

Thus, when the electric fence cost is nominal and it gets you better performance, experience and safety; you must glue to the option of electric fencing.

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