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Extend laptop battery life: 4 tips

Jagdish Prajapat 826 07-Jun-2019

The battery life of a laptop gradually decreases even with regular use. The battery loses its power (capacity). How long you can use a battery depends on your usage. We give you several tips to extend your battery life. So you can use your laptop for longer without a charger.

The specification list of the laptop sometimes states the number of 'cycles' (charging cycles) of the battery. This represents the number of times you can fully charge and discharge the battery. How long you do with a battery depends on the usage more about batteries.

Use the savings mode

Use a power saving mode to allow the laptop to go into hibernate or hibernate after a short time. The lighting of the screen also requires a lot of energy. Dim the lights via the brightness buttons on the keyboard. Turn off facilities that you do not use. Think, for example of Bluetooth, WiFi, and possibly 3G / 4G.

Avoid complete discharge

Prevent the battery from being completely drained for a more extended period. Draining your battery ultimately can damage the battery. Intermittent charging is no problem for the battery. Full discharge mainly occurs with older laptops. Laptops are designed to turn off before the battery is empty. This safety mechanism prevents them from breaking. Make sure that your laptop hangs on the charger quickly if this happens. Because the discharge continues (albeit a lot slower) even when the laptop is switched off.

Never store a full battery

Laptop batteries lose their capacity faster if they are fully charged. Make sure the battery is between 40% and 60% charged if you do not use the laptop for a month or more. Then the capacity loss remains limited. Also, do not store it for much longer, because in the end it loses its charge anyway and full discharge is also bad for the battery.

Replace your battery 

If your laptop still has an easily replaceable battery and you mainly use it at home, you can remove the battery. It is possible to use the laptop without a battery while it is connected to the power outlet. In this way, you do not use unnecessary cycles of the battery.

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Updated 07-Jun-2019
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