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Can An Infrared Sauna Pod Help With Summer Weight Loss?

Vivo Wellness 602 06-Jun-2019

Can An Infrared Sauna Pod Help With Summer Weight Loss?

It's that time of the year again - filled with different flavored shakes, ice-cream, and lots of delicious food. However, not all of that food is particularly ‘healthy’, which can cause many of us to gain some unfortunate summer weight. This is why when the summer holiday season starts hitting the calendar, many of you are thinking a lot about losing a few pounds. In order to maintain your typical weight or get back on track after making the most of your holiday, you should consider using an infrared sauna pod to lose your weight by burning calories while you relax.

The infrared sauna heat can help you lose weight safely with minimal effort. Let’s look at how.

● Helpful in burning calories

There is an evident estimation that an infrared sauna allows you to burn around 600 calories during a 30 minute session. A far infrared sauna pod applies deep penetrating infrared heat in the body. This heat, as a result, increases your body’s internal temperature enough to pump your heart rate. All the while, your muscles relax and burn five times more calories than running.

● Produces Sweat

When the need is to lose your weight, a gym trainer will advise to run on the treadmills or pull heavy weight until your body doesn’t produce enough heat. Because sweat is the natural source for losing weight and it’s 100% true that when your body sweats, you shed some weight. With portable infrared sauna technology, your body can more naturally produce sweat without you undergoing any extreme workout sessions. The infrared heat and the thermal energy produced by sauna pod altogether stimulate physiological responses that facilitate weight loss.

An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association notes that the regular use of Infrared saunas imparts a major boost to the body’s cardiovascular and immune system like other physical activities for example running. What could be better than this that you lose your weight and do not have to make any efforts on your end? In an experiment with obese patients, it has been observed that the fat and weight of their body started decreasing significantly after two weeks of continuous sauna therapy without any increase in the momentum of plasma ghrelin concentrations.

On the basis of these facts, it’s no surprise that sauna therapy is one of the most promising therapy for those who are looking to reduce their excess weight but without power-lifting or any other workout activities like yoga. Combined with a healthy diet, infrared saunas can be your ideal companion to reduce your body weight and make you healthy and fit.

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