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Understanding imporatance of Parenting Programs in Holistic Child Development

Usha Agarwal 673 04-Jun-2019

Parenting programs across the world are aimed at improving parent-child relationships and getting a parent to contribute their best for a child.

Understanding imporatance of Parenting Programs in Holistic Child Development

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Most of the parenting programs provide support and information to make parents more accomplished and expert in raising their child. This demands a parenting program staffs to come up with a more family oriented approach and must be centred professionally to build parenting capacity.

The key takeaways for parents, in this case, include treating their child with dignity and avoid comparison with other children of their age. They must be trained to make informed choices and emphasis on the family choice before anything else.

Child development requires activities for toddlers that are family-oriented and make them comfortable around parents. These programs must also include participation from children at an optimal level to improve the outcome and drive results ensuring child growth.

The parenting support programs are feature-rich with essential inputs from experienced professionals extending support to families. One of the major inputs is also early support to families with family involvement aimed at baby development.

Programs also have multiple parenting activities that have parents and child play groups and with parents enrolled in information-oriented activities. There are materials provided for parenting and timely classes are conducted on one to one basis.

These individualized parent supports also involve mother-toddler activities and even particular parent-centric sessions. Creating awareness regarding the child’s mental and physical health is also an important part here.

Children’s development is the end result of accumulated efforts by parents. The need for parents and children depending on their family context, family values, upbringing and cultural influences. Often, parents use a annualized approach that naturally fits in their core family value system.

In other cases, differently-abled children will require an altogether different approach. This is where child development activities are distinguished depending on the disability characteristics and thereby designing interventions.

Such personalized parenting program approach works best when teachers and experienced instructors consider each child’s requirements for matured growth. In metros, even parents may be facing adverse mental conditions due to the inability to balance the work and life.

This is when customized kids’ development training help managing the rising conflict and makes it easier for parents to regulate child behaviors. There are parents with borderline personality disorders and in such cases program must weave around benefiting children the most with scheduling holistic child development activities.

Our preschool in Ahmedabad is well-equipped with tailoring such courses based on individual requirements of parents and children.

A consistent routine makes way for better nurturing and provides necessary ailments for those parents suffering serious mental disorders like schizophrenia, etc. Their inability to respond to emotional cues from infants and children can really hamper smooth child development.

There are coaching sessions directed at parents for better toddler development in cases involving deformity or other serious medical conditions. Such a customized approach will require experienced individuals to design the parent's program curriculum and an equally trained staff to conduct such sessions.

In addition to tailoring such specialized programs, this also requires understanding gender roles and differences. This means the way parents respond to such gender responses differs including the parental receptivity. 

Consider how mothers and fathers may respond distinctively to parenting programs designed by childcare development centre. This is because gender plays an important role in how a child engages with each parent during the early child development phase. The responsiveness of a child to each parent is also different and along with the level of engagement and interaction that each parent may have.

An ideal baby development will require parenting programs directed towards the expectations of family and community in general. There are certain expectations from parents and their surroundings which includes their immediate environment and also the residential status the family hold. Such conditions may very well affect children development.

And when it comes to the partner-parent programs. Here, both the parents involved in children’s development as a part of critical input to the overall growth of their toddler. Here, both parents decide on what they are good at an individual level and courses are structured around their area of expertise and commitment they are able and willing to put in their toddler’s development.

Child development activities are also designed based on what is expected of them as they grow up. The parenting programs are also centred on kids’ development that is looked upon by parents as considerable growth in their childhood.

One of the reasons why parents as a partner succeed as a program is because it promotes quality interactions between parents and support that cohesively contributes towards healthy child development regime. Here, the parents are mutually able to put trust in their respective better half including their contribution to the development of their kids. The fundamental idea of child care development involves how parenting partners offer commentaries on their children’s growth and their activities.

This idea was supported by parent commentaries offered as part of the information gathering for this study.

Such an excellence-driven approach towards child development has led to developing longitudinal and semi-structured research suggesting how impactful therapeutic engagement with parents can be.

To complement this, our daycare school in Ahmedabad promotes healthy, empathic interaction style whereby parents feel valued for their contribution to child development and directed program activities helping them achieve necessary baby development targets. Parents as a partner program when blends with the intervention-style approach consider quality parental inputs as necessary to children’s development.

And then comes the parenting programs where they take up the role of teachers as a way to contribute their best in child development during initial years. Though it’s a voluntary program in many countries our preschools in Ahmedabad highly recommend this to complement the philosophy of how parents are in real children’s first teachers.

This program can be joined prenatal as well and all the way till children enter childhood development centres. Such a program not only helps plan their children’s development but also makes way for children to develop optimally right from early childhood days.

Here, during the crucial years of child development, program facilitators make a family visit to ensure that parents are truly becoming teachers for their child.

There are various curriculum-based toddler activities that exhibit positive interaction between parents and child.

While instilling child development skills are necessary through mother-toddler activities, the inclusion of father in the entire parenting program cannot be negated.

An ideal approach to child care development involves equal participation from both the parents. Parental programs also carry navigating best early childhood education online and offline to leave no stone unturned when it comes to child growth and development.

Updated 04-Jun-2019
Usha Agrawal co-founder at LittleWings, one of the leading Preschool in Ahmedabad that focuses on the holistic development of children. Her dedication towards understanding childhood development contributed immensely to providing many kids with a solid foundation in the early years.

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