Parental Control Settings on Netgear Router Login Setup

Parental Control Settings on Netgear Router Login Setup

Parental control means filtering the content of internet thus, protecting your family from unwanted contents, threats, identity scams, phishing etc. In case you are running some company, parental control settings can be used to protect your employees, customers, and students from hackers and their activities like Phishing. Netgear offers parental controls over more than 50 categories of unwanted internet content and identity thefts.

So, if you want to apply the same settings over your network then, check out the steps below.

Steps To Setup Parental Control

In order to search parental controls use the desktop genie app.

  • Connect your computer to Netgear router and login Netgear router using valid credentials.
    In case, you can’t get to Netgear router settings page then, refer the solution: Can’t login to on Windows.
  • Next, choose the option network map on the homescreen.
  • You may be asked to enter the router login credentials again. So, enter your default credentials to reach router login Setup. The default username is admin and default password is password.
    Note : Both the credentials are case sensitive 
  • Make sure to set the login at “At home” option.
  • Now, right click on the device that you want to set filtering on.
  • Click on the details option and go to option modify.
  • Next, select and customise the level of parental controlling- the way you want.
  • Then, click on apply for saving the changes.
  • In case the said device is used by multiple people and you want to bypass the parental control then, you need to install the genie app on that device and select bypass login for parental control filtering option.
    Note: Follow the same steps for all other devices you want to bypass the parental control on.
  • After parental settings, If anyone try to access those unwanted sites, then they will see a message- “Access Denied”.

In case, you are bothered by any other issue during the Parental control setup then, ask Router Login professionals to help fix the settings for you.  

While executing the above steps, you need a stable Internet connection. However, if there’s any issue concerning network then, learn to fix Router not connecting to Internet error. 

Configuring Live Parental Control Manually

Parental Control Settings on Netgear Router Login Setup

If you want to configure each Parental Control settings yourself, then you may can manually select those ‘dangerous sites’ and put in the category of ‘inappropriate sites.’

Note: Parental control manages the network remotely even when you are away. It also applies to your WiFi range extender.

  • Open the genie app on your desktop.
  • Tap on parental control option.
  • You might be ask for your password in case you are not logged in to your router.
  • In the parental control window, click next to enter the router login setup page
  • In the live parental control setting, select ‘yes’ for an openDNS account. In case you don't have one click on the option to create a DNS account
  • Click the option ‘next’ and enter all the requisites for creating a DNS account.
  • After successful creation click ‘next’ and go to the advanced filtering section and choose mode High. This will block complete access to social media adult content viewing, sharing videos and phishing attacks.
  • Now go to the Netgear status window and click on the change custom setting option.
  • You will be redirected to openDNS page where you can click on ‘add a bypass account’ option.
  • Next, type the credentials and click on add account option.
  • In the next filtering level, select the filtering as per your choice and click on ‘save’ button.
  • Then, click on add a time lock option and select the time and type of filtering you want.
  • Finally, go back to the genie setup and login to your bypass account and check whether you can access filtration levels.

Parental Control Setting on Netgear

In case you are wondering about the steps to setup parental control via here is a brief overview.

  • Access your Routerlogin Settings Page, by typing your default gateway IP into the address bar.
  • To block certain sites, Go to “Content filtering” and select block sites option.
  • Here you can manually select websites you want to block, just by typing its keywords, domain name or can also schedule it. 

If you are still struggling to setup parental setting, then you must contact router login experts.

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