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How Air Purifier Helps to Remove Air Pollution

How Air Purifier Helps to Remove Air Pollution

The situation is getting alarming as the air quality is depleting day by day. The metropolitan cities continue to choke with their residents forced to breathe in polluted air. Though nothing much can be done about outdoor pollution, the use of the best air purifier India lets you breathe in clean and safe air indoors.

Today air purifier has become an essential appliance that removes all the contaminants present in the indoor air, including dust, dirt, different allergens, pet dander, ragweed, mould spores etc. If you are looking for the best air purifier, then go for one that comes with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters. These filters are equipped to remove 99.97% of the common allergens that are generally present in the indoor air and cause many health issues.

The best air purifier in India doesn’t just removes the contaminants but also helps in removing the lingering smell of cooking and if someone in the family smokes then it helps in cleaning that as well.

Working of Air Purifiers to Eradicate Indoor Air Pollution

When we talk about an air purifier, Particulate Matter (PM) is often the most discussed parameter. This comprises of those tiny particles that get into our lungs with the air we breathe in and pose a grave health concern. When the concentration of PM2.5 increases in the air, it starts to appear hazy, thus impacting the visibility. The best air purifier in India is capable of filtering out PM2.5 from the surrounding air with its HEPA filter.

If you see any air purifier India, it is generally tested for filtering out pollens. But, pollens are actually 10 microns or larger in size. The best air purifier is designed to filter out particles of 0.3 microns or less. The HEPA filters are designed for that and the efficiency rate is 99.95%.

The best air purifier in India uses a unique 3 stage filtration mechanism. These three stages are Impact, Interception, and Diffusion. This 3-stage unique filtration mechanism first traps all the pollutants existing in the surrounding air. Then, they have specially treated activated carbon filter, which absorbs all the different odors like that of cooking, smoking etc. from the indoor air. Find more info on Activate Carbon Filters.:

Air purifiers come with an inbuilt that ionizer that releases negative ions to improve the freshness of the air. This happens as the ionizer releases the negative ions or cations that trap the pollutants on a collection plate, which is electrically charged. It is near the ionizing unit and forces the pollutants to stick to the walls, thus making the indoor air fresh.

Today, the increasing air pollution and depleting air quality is a common problem faced by all towns and cities. The depleting green cover to make way for ever-expanding concrete jungles, ever-going construction activities and different manufacturing units releasing toxic gases in the air are all adding to the rising pollution levels. It will take a collective effort from the government and citizens to find a solution to this rising air pollution problem. Till then, you can install an air purifier in your home, office and car to have access to clean and safe air to breathe at least when you are indoors.

Last updated:8/19/2020 10:27:53 AM
Shivangi Gupta

Shivangi Gupta

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