Why a Good Sitemap is Important for Your Website?

In order to know, how a good sitemap should look?, you first need to know what is a sitemap. 

 A sitemap is a representation of website’s content. A sitemap is considered as a file in which you provide information related to website’s content. A sitemap is organised list of pages, that are organised topic wise, or can be an XML document which gives guidance of search engines to web crawlers, or used by web designers for the planning of a website.

To know more about it, a question may arise in your mind that how should a good sitemap look? To create a good sitemap for your website, you just have to follow these simple steps which are given below.

  • First of all, you need to go through existing content on your website and see that how everything is designed on your pages. You can take idea by visualise sitemap template.
  • Create an XML file. Now formate each URL with XML tags and code your URLs. You should be careful when you do this step.
  • There are some tools that are useful to validate the code to know whether the syntax is correct or not.
  • Find the root folder of your website and then place your sitemap file in this folder. Now add your sitemap file in robots.txt folder. It will give guidance to the crawlers.
  • Submit your sitemaps to search engines.

Lets discuss why a good sitemap is important for your website, reasons are as follows.

Theme of the site:

Sitemap gives necessary information about what the site is all about. It provides a proper clarification of themes on your website. The services and products on your website will better hold by user through sitemap. It will also help the webmaster so that they can see the foundations of your website and the organisation of the website will be maintained.

To start a new website:

There is always a reason in everything you do. If you invest your time, efforts and money in your business, you expect more revenue from it. Likewise, you invest your time and money making fresh content for your website and you expect it to be unearthed by consumers on the web. For this purpose, a sitemap helps you to be discovered fast by all search engines. It is useful for a new website to boost activity, revenue and interest.

Fresh content, higher rankings:

If you want to keep ranks high in the search engine, you should update your site with modifying content through sitemap. It will gain more attention of your visitors and can be a driving factor in the success of your website.

Attracting the visitors:  

If there is any error in your site, you will be informed by a good sitemap and it also tells how to fix any error. You will notify about the traffic and their keywords. It will attract the visitors and more visitors will come to your website.

I hope this article will help you to get some awareness why a good sitemap is important for your website. What do you think? Give your opinion!

Last updated:5/29/2019 11:18:07 AM


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