A consistent characteristic of all entrepreneurs is adaptability. At this time in history it has never been more important to make the most of opportunities, jobs are disappearing at an alarming rate and job security is a joke. This is precisely why I have never had a real job. For years I have worked for myself and when I got married, we started working together. It has been a pleasure and a struggle, like anything in life, with up’s and down’s.

We are watching our particular industry crash and burn in the recession, and just like other creative professionals we can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel. My husband and I have had a photo studio for ten years, and, as artists it has been especially hard to survive. Even with a business in place, with the studio we have had to be creative and come up with new markets over the years. In our case diversifying our services has been essential, but that also adds to the challenge of staying focused.

We shoot primarily food and beverages now, but have worked on just about every type of project. We have had a nice business but recently we have been discussing what to do next to compensate for the scarcity of good paying photo jobs these days. Having exhausted most of the areas we could in Photography we are now thinking about adding something new to the mix. Change can be scary but not taking a risk can be scarier. We are all born equally capable, it is just a matter of how we use our skills and take advantage of opportunities.

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.”

-N. Hill
Whether you think you have it or not, chances are, if you are willing to take a risk and want it badly enough you will succeed.

I have spent the last few years writing and marketing my cookbook, which my husband also was involved in. We took skills, interests, and what was happening in our lives with raising a child and created a source of income with a book. It has been a huge learning experience, mostly fun and rewarding, and relatively profitable. I always thought of us as artists, but have come to learn we have other hidden talents. I learned that I love marketing, connecting with people and networking. As a result, I now feel confident enough to apply these skills to whole different business.

So now is the time where we need to make a decision about our future and the future of our child. Do we stick with what seems comfortable or do we take a risk and use newfound talents? There are a million opportunities out there; it’s just a matter of deciding what you can be passionate about.

We have recently researched and found a business that fits our interests and skills. It’s fun, has huge potential for growth, and we don’t have to re-invent the wheel either. When a friend first told us about her success with a new data-vis training product (Microsoft Power BI to be precise), we scoffed. However, our ability to never ignore an opportunity has paid off again. We are on a quick road to building a whole new business that is filling the gaps in our other careers.

Sure, there is still a lot of risk in jumping into something new, but there is a lot of risk is not jumping these days too. Never be careless, always do your research, and don’t be afraid to jump!

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