Issues Raging to Wear Scrubs in Public- The Complete Analysis

Scrubs are not a new innovation, it has been used for years now as doctors and nurses feel comfortable in wearing the surgical scrubs. Generally, scrubs are used outside your regular attire so the germs do not get to your skin or clothes. It also protects the patients to prevent the germs which are in your body. As doctors and nurses have to deal with many patients at one time, it is safe to wear scrubs in the hospital.

Also, there are some people who wear scrubs outside the hospital. Are they inviting disease? The simple answer is no as not every person works in the hospital, some wear it to feel comfortable. The situation also matters a lot when you are wearing scrubs in public. Lot’s of magazines, as well as media people, have written articles about the disadvantages of wearing scrubs outside the hospital so without being biased you need to learn about the situation when the scrubs wore in public. We have given a complete overview of whether to wear the scrub in public or not. Have a look!

Eating or Drinking in Public Wearing Scrub

Doctors and staff in the hospital are tired after a long day treating patients so after completing work, they don’t think about anything and rush to cafes to buy their coffee and food. You can’t ask them why are you eating in scrubs unless the scrubs have any stains or spots. They are not deliberately wearing scrubs outside the hospital so it is not appropriate to target them saying harsh words.

Watching Movie and Doing Shopping In Scrub

If you are watching a movie or going shopping during holiday wearing scrub, you are obviously doing it for attention and this is not appropriate at all. There are many doctors who take meals wearing their medical uniform just to show their status in society which gives a wrong message and strict action must be taken for this. Doctors who are dealing with ICU and OR have serious bugs in their uniform and they need to immediately change their scrub after operating. Wearing scrub outside can cause great danger to the people in hospital as well as outside it. Being in the most respected profession a doctor must be aware that germs can easily reach many people through scrub and can damage their health.

Avoid Wearing Scrubs During...

If you are going to party, don’t wear scrubs as many people can catch the microbe. If there is a theme party of doctors, make sure you wear neat and clean scrub which is properly dried. Medical Institutes must also provide scrub to the doctors, so they leave the scrub in the hospital every day. If that is done, not many people will be judgemental to see doctors wearing scrubs in public. If you are taking the scrub at home, clean it every day and after six months replace it with the new one. 

Final Verdict Relating to Wearing Scrub in Public

Films play a major role in our lives so many people have seen doctors leaving scrubs only in the hospital and they never wore it outside. This scenario has a great impact in people’s minds and they take scrub thing very seriously. A scrub is basically a light cloth so anybody can wear it irrespective of their profession. If you are a doctor who has to deal with some dangerous disease and most of the time you spend operating patient then you must completely avoid wearing the scrub after one use. Moreover, the scrub is not a huge problem, the bacteria mostly spread by hands so make sure you clean it properly. There is no research study done that scrub does pass the harmful bacteria but still, to be on the safe side we must avoid wearing scrubs in public which we wear in the hospital.

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