Web Protocols: What You Need To Know and Why They Are Important!

Protocols are the rules! They are the accepted standards that everyone has to adhere to. But, what exactly a protocol is?

A protocol is a pre-defined set of rules that internet users use for specific purposes. Today, the protocol is all about communication- the way users exchange information. And, in the web are HTTP and HTTPS are the most popular ones among other protocols. Primarily, there are two main types of protocols:

UDP, Connectionless Protocols:

These are the User Datagram Protocol, which means the packet loss is not a big thing for them. The Skype call or other VOIP calls come under User Datagram Protocol. In this case, even if you lose a few image packets or the voices, you can still continue the call. This also means, if you prioritize each packet, we will get dropped calls.

Transport Control Protocol(TCP):

TCP  is for Transport Control Protocol, which is connection-oriented protocols and is needed to initiate a connection. In this protocol, every packet is important, and any loss in the packet should be re-sent.


The HTTP stands for Hypertext transfer protocol that allows the communication between different systems. It is commonly used to transfer online data, from a web server to the browser.  

While the computer understands many languages like pure binary, text byte codes and more; with them, the things that are written in codes are transferred as text, and the protocol that transfers this text is called as the hypertext transfer protocol.


Hyper Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is similar to HTTP, but it is more secure over other protocols. In this data travel between your browser and the website that your server is connected to.

The ‘S’ in HTTPS is for ‘Secure,’ which means all the communication occurred between your site and browser are codded and encrypted. HTTPS uses SSL (secure sockets layer) to create a secure and encrypted connection between the browser and the server.


One of the difference between http and https protocols is SSL certificates. HTTPS is an HTTP protocol to offer high security. The high security is important, especially for the sites, which ask users for sensitive information like credit card information and other passwords.

The HTTPS works by using SSL certificates that encrypt the information, which users over to the site. The SSL then translates the data into a code, which means even if someone tries to steal the data that is communicated between the two parties, they would not be able to understand it because of encryption.

For an added layer of protection, the HTTPS is secured via Transport Layer Security, which offers data integrity and aids in preventing the transfer of data from being hacked. You can identify whether the site uses HTTP or HTTPs from their web address (the first part of the web address i.e., before WWW).


HTTPS Is More Secure!

Switching to a secure website will benefit your business and help you build clients' trust. Here are three reasons why you need to switch  from HTTP to HTTPS:

  • It Can Help You With SEO:  Let's say if your site and another site is having same rankings for any reason and is also vying the top position because of a particular keyword, the addition of HTTPS will help you secure the top position. This also adheres to the new Google’s algorithm, which aims to offer the best user experience as most sites prefer secured experience over a non-secured one.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages Need HTTPS:  If you want your site to get high searches, sellers, and a web status moves to the mobile revolution bandwagon. Mobile responsive and friendly websites have high AMP and have a high ranking. Further, the AMP is developed to ensure fast loading of the content on mobile devices. In fact, the high authority sites and other modern browsers need https to work effectively.
  • It Makes Your Website Secure:  Even if you are not using, the website that needs to handle sensitive data, you should use https for added security.  The security protocol will protect the integrity of the site by preventing it from the intruders.

While it takes some time to migrate to HTTP, its worth at the end!

Last updated:5/27/2019 12:23:01 AM


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