What is Mail Relay SMTP and its Advantages

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is a protocol which is followed while sending e-mails. It is important for businesses that send out bulk emails such as automated emails triggered from user interaction or newsletters because peer-to-peer email hosted via cloud doesn’t allow the businesses to run mass email campaigns.

Email marketing is one of the most important tools that can lead to the success of a business. If managed properly, it can drive huge traffic and increase the net income of a business.

Most of the ISPs have a limit on how many emails you can send per day. SMTP relay provider can help businesses send a large volume of emails without getting mislabeled as spam. When a mail is triggered from ESP (Email Service Provider), it communicates the server using SMTP protocol. It delivers the email message after it gets to communicate with the configured server. Learn more about how to run your own mail server.

A open mail relay is just like a post-office. It transfers a mail from one server to another, which then delivers the message to the recipient. When a message is sent from the sender’s side, it includes information like destination address and returns address (sender’s email address, IP address, and timestamp).

A service that enables you to deliver bulk email through a trusted third-party is referred to as SMTP relay. Your email sending needs grow with your business and to cope up with the needs you will need a mail relay SMTP.

Advantages of using an SMTP for sending out emails

1.Bulk Email: Businesses need to send emails to a large number of subscribers and customers all around the world. Sending emails to a large number of people through SMTP is the most cost-effective way.

2.Tracking Emails: Tracking emails is the most essential part of any email marketing strategy. SMTP allows you to check whether the mail was delivered or deferred. It also allows you to check the recipient’s response to the mail.

3.Maintaining Reports: The report you get after tracking emails can help you understand if your email campaign strategy is working or not. Also, you can either eliminate the set of people who are not taking any action after reading your email or you can focus more on that set of people.

4.Avoid Emails from going into Spam folder: Most of the time newsletter emails goes into the spam or junk folder of the recipient. This way, emails are deleted before it is opened and this is why most of the email campaigns fail. SMTP servers ensure that your mail is delivered to the inbox of your recipient.

5.Security: Your contact list is in safe hands and are very secure. The list is not visible to anybody else except you. Using other third-party client’s service could affect your own deliverability. Email deliverability is compromised if you use shared servers.

6.Cost-Efficient: Investing in your own servers might seem more in the start, but with time when your business grows and you need to send emails to a huge number of people, it will be worth it. You will not need to pay per email sent or monthly service fee like you would with third-party servers.

With the help of SMTP, you can check whether an email has either hard bounced or soft bounced. A soft bounced email means the server is down or full whereas hard bounced email means you have either mistyped the recipient’s email address or it is no longer active.

Emails are delivered at a specific port that is available at both the ends (sender and receiver) of the connection. In the case of the SMTP server, the port is 25. This port is used to send the email to the destination server. Alternatively, MailRelay also uses port 125, 465, and 2525 as an encrypted port using SSL protocol. There are other ports as well, but these are the most commonly used ports.

All the ports (encrypted as well as unencrypted) are authenticated by a username and password. But, the encrypted mail relay uses an encrypted SSL connection which is similar to the HTTPS encryption technology.

With the help of an SMTP server, you can synchronize a Smarthost server, which means you can manage all the email accounts on different systems once you synchronize it with Smarthost server.


SMTP relay handles all the heavy lifting in the backend, giving marketers more time to craft a perfect message and build the contact lists. If a reliable SMTP server is used to deliver the emails, email marketing might prove highly successful. And you can learn more about mail relay smtp at duocircle.com

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