Looking to hire a minibus? Here is all that you need to know about it

Travelling in and around the city of Adelaide with a group of friends and family can be an exhilarating experience. But for that, making the right choice of vehicle is important. You can opt for a luxury car that can fit in 4 to 5 people at once in self-driving. If people are more, then choosing a larger mode of transport makes more sense. After all, a real group trip is one where everyone is together. So, whether it's an event, a leisurely city tour, or a long drive to some remote place, you can hire a minivan to accommodate all your needs.

The minibuses come with different occupancy capacities in Adelaide, from 24 to 8 seaters on average. In case yours is a small team of eight people, then you can consider an 8 seater minibus hire Adelaide. Why? There are countless reasons for it.

Why hire a minivan for a group trip?

A big-time money saver

Generally, if you use any other public transport, such as trains or cars, for a set of eight people, the travel fare per head tends to be more. But by hiring a minivan, you can efficiently bring this cost down to a significant level. To check it yourself, you can divide the cost of renting a coach for each person and compare it with what other means of transport would charge.

An eco-friendly way of travelling

Carbon emission and toxicity are ruining the health of our environment. You can protect it from further deterioration by contributing your bit. For that, you don’t need to make much effort. If you hire one vehicle for a group of people for trips, you can help reduce carbon footprint in nature and also improve traffic conditions.

A marriage of convenience with comfort

When you travel together in a private vehicle, you don't have to worry about getting down on your destination. You rented it so you can take it directly to your choice of place. And, till you reach your drop-off point, you can chill out with your group the way you like the most.

That was about convenience. Now, coming to the comfort part, minibuses and coaches offer you spaciousness, cleanliness, and ease of moving around. They provide generous storage space for small and big-size luggage. You can find them designed with the latest technologies, such as power steering, and steering wheel audio controls. Some of them may also include CD/MP3 Player so that you can listen to the choice of your music while covering a long distance and enjoy a happy day.

An opportunity to socialize

It's a busy world where you can get everything but the time that allows you to mix with your people. By renting a minibus for a group journey, you can seize this opportunity to chat your heart away with your dear ones for the entire length of the travelling time. Since these moments are always rare, you should not give this chance a miss.

Booking a minibus should not be a challenge as you can approach so many rental companies in Adelaide to grab the desired deal. However, make sure you have some basic knowledge about this entire process so that your goal becomes easy to achieve. Here are a few hiring tips that can prove useful in your pursuit.

Hiring tips for minibus

Driving license

In Australia, you can ride 8 to 12 seater minibus without hesitation if you have an authentic driving license. Even those with foreign car driver license don't need to worry. The problem is faced when someone tries to rent a bigger vehicle, such as a 21 seater minivan, which requires a higher class license.

Age limit

People aged 21 to 80 can hire a minibus with ease, provided they have a full license. 


Some companies include insurance expense in their rental price. Whatever may be the case, it is always preferable to give a read to the terms and conditions of the agreement before signing any papers.

Hiring rate

The minibus rental price charts usually include GST, road tolls, charges for booster seats, insurance fees, and a few others.

One-way rental facility

If you need assistance with only one-way travelling, you can inform the company in advance. Some companies offer this provision for the convenience of their customers.

Vehicle condition

The reputed companies lease only well-maintained and advanced technology cars and minibuses to their customers. Cleanliness and customer safety are their top priorities.

Mode of payment

You can use a debit card or credit card to pay for the rent. When you visit a rental company, make sure to carry one to avoid any booking delay.


When you go to pick up your vehicle, make sure to carry necessary documents with you, including a valid driver license, identity proof, etc. You may need to make full payment before taking your vehicle, so don't forget to carry your payment card.

Additional driver

You can self drive the minibus and bring one more licensed driver along to take your group to the designated point. However, it is advisable you confirm it once with the rental company. Some companies may want to see the other driver and others may only ask for their driving license. Whatever you choose, it becomes your responsibility to ensure that the other person abides by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

So, it is undeniable that hiring a minibus is a solid idea when a group travelling is involved. If you don't want to miss an opportunity where you can spend lots of quality time with your loved ones while going around, then you should not delay any more. Minivans are accessible, but sometimes higher demands can curb your choices. To avoid this situation, plan and decide which model you would want to drive. The prices can vary for different editions based on the level of comfort and modern technologies they use. Choose the one that you can afford without hesitation and indulge in the pure fun of going together to a place.

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