Steps to Change the Wireless Settings Using Linksys Cloud Account

Steps to Change the Wireless Settings Using Linksys Cloud Account

It is very important for you to change the basic wireless settings on your Linksys WiFi router in order to establish a secure, unique, and a strong connection. A secure internet prevents unwanted access caused by cyber criminals and anonymous person to personal information and data. 

Important Notes:

 The changes in wireless settings you can do by assigning a WiFi name (SSID) and securing your internet connection via a long, strong, and a WiFi password. 

The WiFi password is different from your router password.

Changes in WiFi settings will disconnect all the connected devices from your Linksys WiFi router. After making all the possible changes, you have to reconnect them with your using the new settings (SSID and password).

The easy to execute steps given below will guide you on how to change the WiFi settings of your Linksys wireless router.

Step 1:

Access the Linksys cloud account.

Note: If you haven’t created the cloud account yet, you must know how to create, activate and associate your cloud account to your Linksys router. We will describe this in a few easy steps a bit later.

Step 2:

Navigate to 'Router settings' page.

Under 'Connectivity' you have to hit the 'Edit' option that is just beside Wi-Fi Settings.

Step 3:

Now, into the provided fields, enter your preferred SSID (WiFi name) and security key (password).

Step 4:

Click 'Apply' and after that, 'OK' to save the settings.

Note: To extend the existing internet range, you must go with Linksys extender setup process. Though your router is the backbone of your home networking system, but it not enough to provide WiFi connectivity to dead zones and blind spots.

To do so:

Simply open a web browser from a device (computer or laptop) that is connected with your Linksys range extender.

Type or in its URL bar.

Enter the default login details in the provided fields and just follow the on-screen instructions given on Linksys extender login page.

See, it's that simple. If you cannot connect to Linksys extender, then make sure that you are tying the URL in the address bar field not in the search bar of your browser. Also, ensure that there aren't any mistakes in the web address. You can also make use of the default IP address of your device for extender Linksys setup.

And if you need our assistance in Linksys setup extender process then visit Linksys or call us on toll-free number 1-844-748-5637.

 Now, we will help you in creating a valid Linksys cloud account.

  • Open an Internet browser.
  • Go at the top of your browser's address bar and type in there.
  • Tick Enter to access the Linksys extender router login page.
  • After that, on Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Sign In page, hit on the click here link (situated at the very last of the displayed page).
  • Create an account by entering all the necessary information in the asked fields.
  • Once done, click on create my account button by checking on the available two boxes.
  • Load up your registered email ID.
  • Open the message received from the Linksys smart Wi-Fi mailer. If there is no new message in your inbox, then have a look into your spam or junk folders.
  • Activate your Linksys cloud account by clicking on the link in the email you received. The link will open in a new window and take you to the Linksys WiFi log in page automatically.

Now, you will see a message that is named as 'account is now validated' (without quotes). Once your account is validated successfully, hit on the 'here' link and log in to your account.

Sign In by entering your's cloud account email ID and password.

Finally, associate your Linksys WiFi router by entering its admin password into the required space. Once done, click on OK.

In these simple ways, you can create your Linksys cloud account successfully and associated it with your Linksys WiFi router easily without any issue. In addition, you can also manage your Linksys router using the cloud account from anywhere anytime via a internet browser. 

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