What Are The Best Places To See In Costa Rica For Solo Travelers?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country in Central America recognized for its rich biodiversity. While it is a fantastic place for enjoyable trips with family and friends, solo traveling in Costa Rica is equally fun and exciting. Traveling solo in Costa Rica can be a delightful experience as it lets you enjoy the natural beauty, wildlife, serenity, and adventure of this place with absolute freedom.

What Are The Best Places To See In Costa Rica For Solo Travelers?

To make the most of your solo traveling, check some of the best places to see in Costa Rica.


Jaco is a lively place in Costa Rica that offers sophisticated enjoyment and awesome nightlife. The location is perfect for young travelers who can explore the amazing nightlife in dance halls and theme bars. 

As for the older crowd, they can enjoy booming in the beach town and living relaxingly in various accommodation facilities. From galleries, hotels, cafés, restaurants to shopping malls, the place has it all that can help solo travelers enjoy and explore the local culture of the city. This place is located just half an hour away from Costa Rica’s capital, San Jose. 

Besides daytime amusements and nighttime fun, you can enjoy canopy tour, sport fishing, and numerous adventurous activities in this place.


Situated in the North-Western region of Costa Rica, Arenal is approximately 90km from San Jose. Holidaying in this place let solo travelers enjoy tons of different activities like soaking in the hot springs, exploring hanging bridges, horseback riding, as well as watching distinct species of wild animals and colorful birds.

For adventure lovers, water rafting on the Balsa, PenasBlancas, and Toro rivers is excellent experiences to enjoy. You can even enjoy waterfall rappelling. The Lake Arenal is an excellent spot for water activities such as fishing, canoeing, and surfing. For nature lovers, they can enjoy swimming in the pool base, watching the famous La Fortuna Waterfall, and short hikes on the horseback riding.


It is a varied landscape and a perfect laidback beach town for surfers, youths, travelers, backpackers, and solo travelers of all ages. It is a fascinating place situated on the Nicoya Peninsula. The destination houses beautiful tropical rainforest, controlled waves, and stunning waterfalls.

It even houses gourmet restaurants and artsy shops to visit.

There are plenty of accommodation facilities available, including upscale hotels and resorts and budget accommodations. Also, you can enjoy residing in watering hotels that will also offer you the chance to meet like-minded travelers. It is a small town, yet its nightlife is exceptional. With fantastic clubs and bars, you can have a blasting nightlife in this town.

Manuel Antonio

It is one of the finest hotspots of Costa Rica that boasts of fantastic wildlife, pleasing views, and white sands. Manuel Antonio provides numerous opportunities to let solo travelers enjoy a range of activities. Snorkeling, waterfall rappelling adventure, sunset cruise, and more such events can be enjoyed to the fullest.

This beach town holds convenient accessibility and is just 2.5 hours away from San Jose. You can choose among a variety of accommodation facilities and when you are solo traveling, take proper care of your valuables.

Puerto Viejo

This is a fascinating and attractive place that attracts thousands of tourists from all parts of the world. Due to secure access to amazing beaches and national parks, this place is an ideal destination for those who are looking for unlimited fun. With its tropical vegetation, it is a perfect place for nature lovers.

Puerto Viejo holds an aquamarine sea and represents the authentic Caribbean culture. You will love enjoying the laid-back atmosphere of this place. So, plan to stay in inexpensive accommodations and enjoy the Afro-Caribbean descendants. With local music, tempting cuisine, and beautiful handicrafts, traveling to Puerto Viejo can offer you a vibrant experience. 

So, these are some of the best places to see in Costa Rica. The place offers several types of activities, adventures, excursions, accommodations, and absolute safety for solo travelers. Plan a trip to Costa Rica and enjoy a memorable experience!

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