Most people do not get what hosting is really about, forget about the merits and demerits. The lack of this information ultimately misguides them when the time comes to making a choice on which hosting to select. Unlimited hosting represents the disk space together with the bandwidth that any given plan consists of. Bandwidth and disk space are therefore core features on most hosting plans. This article is meant to inform you the primary user of all the details regarding bandwidths and disk spaces while making your domain purchase in India. Find out more on what you should know about unlimited hosting.

Get a Close Insight Into What Unlimited Hosting Really Means

Define Unlimited Disk Spaces

Disk space refers to the actual space allocated to your account on a server. With the hosting industry being flooded, hearing the term unlimited disk space is quite common especially during their advertisements. Granting unlimited disk space to subscribers is however a sweet lie to lure customers but there can exist no such thing as unlimited disk space especially when it is in a commercial context. In a computer accessories store, you can never purchase a storage device with unlimited space but these devices are only sold according to their storage capacities. 

The calculations that the hosting business does are approximating your usage and probabilities. On average most websites need 5 GB to 25 GB for their functioning and storage. Web hosting businesses will, therefore, offer you approximately around 25 GB of space and use the term unlimited disk space knowing you would not exhaust the given amount. This is not to say there is no unlimited space but what actually exists is the term and it is a healthy process as long as the consumers actually comprehend the package they are picking. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlimited bandwidth exists almost in the same concept as unlimited disk space. Bandwidth can be defined as the magnitude of inbound and the outbound traffic that comes from a hosting server to the rest of the world. The perfect analogy to describe unlimited bandwidth is a highway representing the bandwidth and the cars on it representing the traffic. Most web hosting service providers have many highway lanes as a result of the multiple connections they have to bandwidth providers. Should you, for instance, upload a 5 MB .mp3 file onto your server, it will count as 5 MB inbound traffic. If the .mp3 file is downloaded from your site that counts as 5MB outbound traffic.

Unlimited bandwidth is, however, a little bit legit because most web hosting service providers purchase larger connections to facilitate all their customer traffic. For an average user, a media website supporting up to 1000 connected users should be enough unless you have really huge traffic on your website. If that is the case, then it may be best that you look for a dedicated server or VPS to enjoy more resources on your website unless you risk rubbing shoulders with your web host service provider.

Unlimited Space or Unlimited Bandwidth

It is uneconomical to settle for unlimited hosting when you are an average user as what could you do with so much space? If you are however able to handle the budget for different hosting plans that range around a few dollars then nothing could go wrong by settling down with the package subscription.

For growing website owners, shared web hosting is certainly a better option as you enjoy both unlimited disk space and bandwidth. It also encourages the application of scripts like Joomla and even WordPress and do not be surprised if you are offered an easier installation of these scripts.

Merits and Demerits of Unlimited Hosting 

Unlimited hosting is generally cost effective especially for growing website owners. This option also offers sufficient disk space needed by an average website user. Users also enjoy unlimited bandwidth that an average website is set to use. This option also gives you no disk space limits. With merits also comes demerits and this package plan also has several downsides. The unlimited hosting option denies you the use of dedicated resources. The features said to be unlimited may not be truly unlimited as broadcasted.

How to Choose the Right One for You?

When making your choice, do not focus a lot on the unlimited features, but the availability of other features like email accounts, web statistics, add-ons, and parked domains. Now, we hope you now know what to do during your domain purchase in India.

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