What Is The Scope Of Advertising And Public Relations In India As A Career Option?

  1. India is one of the fastest growing advertising markets in Asia. Fast-moving consumer goods, e-commerce, and automobiles are the maximum advertised segments in the country as on date. However, conventional modes like print and television are among the most highly utilized advertising media in India. In the year 2015, the print medium had the maximum advertising revenue, with television coming in a close second. Out-of-home advertising is a big dynamic in India and spending in this is expected to reach up to 24.5 billion US dollars by 2020. Thus, as is obvious, advertising is a big game-changer in the world of revenues and bottom-line collections since it can make or break the day for a given product, brand, or service. In the same vein, the Public Relations industry is expected to touch the Rs 2,100 crore revenue threshold by 2020 as per a report by the Public Relations Consultants Association of India. As such, the number of employees added on to this industry increases by about 5-10% each year. Thence, it is proof enough that this industry too is poised for heavy duty growth with time and tide. PR courses in Delhi and even advertising and public relations courses (joint programs) enrich the candidates in these highly creative work agencies which are full of ripe opportunities for budding enthusiasts out to make their mark in the sun.
  2. When it comes to advertising as well as public relations, the industries are waking up to the extremely vast rural machinery which lies untapped in both cases. PR practitioners, for instance, are closing in on the rural markets which though have limited access, have very big sized consumer demands. They are zeroing in on cutting their teeth in these areas to create, build, and focus energies on a unique kind of market. Likewise, advertising too, though the thought of a profession for the ‘high and mighty’ and the snooty upper classes, needs to reinvent its narrative and orient it towards the teeming masses that come from the rural heartland of the country. Advertising and PR courses in Delhi et al need to modify their syllabi and twist it towards such niches which lie underused and under-tapped till date. Thus, the fresher folk in both advertising and public relations are required to stop eying the top 3-5% of the elite crowd when they hone their strategies. Massive growth opportunities lie within the realms of rural India, undeniably and surely. 
  3. Advertising is a career option which the dreamy and those with an open mind would be tailor-made for. Or so is what the wise men of yore though. These days, however, one has to have one eye trained on logic, sensible reasoning, and well thought out plans of action. Thus, it is one thing to imagine an advertisement and to create it intelligently and intellectually. It is another to have it actually touch the chords of the human heart, mind, and soul. Thus, the modern day advertising professional has to balance out both the creative and the voice of caution and reason, all at one go, in making his campaign a success. When it comes to PR, it is actually a case of a person being able to ‘break into the system’ of others which works well. If you are the kind who can make his case on the table in front of peers, contemporaries, seniors, and juniors, alike, you have won the day, so to say. Thus, it is a matter of the kind of person you are, which human zone you would like to delve into for widening your work horizons, which mode you are cut out for, et al, - these are the critical factors in ascertaining the career options before you in which you are likely to excel.

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