ToolTip in WPF

In this blog I am trying to explain the concept of tool tip in WPF application.


A tooltip is a small pop-up window that appears when a user pauses the mouse pointer over an element, such as over a Button. This topic introduces the tooltip and discusses how to create and customize tooltip content.

What Is a Tooltip?

When a user moves the mouse pointer over an element that has a tooltip, a window that contains tooltip content (for example, text content that describes the function of a control) appears for a specified amount of time. If the user moves the mouse pointer away from the control, the window disappears because the tooltip content cannot receive focus.

Creating a ToolTip

<Button ToolTip='Click to submit your information'
        Click='SubmitCode' Height='20' Width='50'>Submit</Button>

Note: - Above line of code show tooltip only on submit button


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