It is difficult to find and trust the ideal Wordpress expert to build your perfect online store.

Given below are five steps to hire Wordpress development services provider to make your e-commerce business a success.

1. What Do You Need Help With ?

Wordpress experts can be hired for the following categories

•Photography - Get professional photos shot by experienced photographers.

•Marketing - Boost your sales by building your brand awareness.

•App Development - You can customise store features for your e-commerce business.

•Store Design - Get a customised theme.

•Store Setup - Setup for products, payments and shipping.

Most of the retailers need store themes and designs first, but you may require to build an app and assistance in marketing.

At this stage, you have to write the specifications of what all you need for your project. Here you have to state about your


•Key Audience And Competitors


•Technical Features, Timescales, Look And Feel

2. View The Portfolio

All experts have to upload their two previous work by which they can make a good first impression.

Check out all the details from their portfolio. See if they can build a responsive website. You should also check their website so that you get an idea of their work. Check their previous work and client testimonials. Also, check your team's profile which you will start working with.

3. Read The Reviews

Every expert has selected reviews which comes with the rating of 1-5 stars. And the ratings are displayed on the listing page.

Enlist the experts who have maximum good reviews so you get to know about the quality work they will be providing you. Some experts may also have a large number of reviews but it can happen because they may carry small works rather than working on the whole e-commerce website. If you are looking for the setup and design of your store, then look for the expert who can carry your whole e-commerce project.

4. Shortlist The Experts

After checking the portfolios and reviews of each expert, make a list of all the shortlisted candidates who can match up with your project.

You can contact them through ' Contact Wordpress Expert ' button at the top of their profiles.

They may be experts in setting up and designing your project, but you can also check their customer service skills by contacting them. You can observe the way they talk, the way they answer your queries, knowledge about your queries etc.

5. Contact Them In Person

If you liked the way they dealt with you through phone, then you can meet them personally as well. Make a list of all the things you want to ask and check their knowledge. You can discuss all of this in one on one meeting with the Wordpress expert. The best idea to meet is at their office so you get the idea of how and where they work. You can also contact them through Skype. By this, you will get to know if you can build a healthy relationship with the expert or not. As a good relationship makes the working smoother.

So if you are also looking for the developing and designing your online store, then head over to Wordpress experts and start your search. 

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