Best Video And Photo Storages Tools that will Protect Your Photos

Best Video And Photo Storages Tools that will Protect Your Photos

In this ear of technology, when everything is easily accessible, raises a question mark to the security of information. We upload pictures on social platforms, share our reviews, post the details of our events, and location. This can lead to a breach of our private information. The main thing about which we concern a lot is our photos. How can we secure our photos? There are some platforms on which saving our photos can solve the storage problems. But these applications lack in security. Today we are going to provide you with the 7 devices that will protect your photos.  

Before giving you the names of these best 7 online backup tools, we would like to highlight the information security. Any data which gives meaningful information should be secured. The parameters of security are that unauthorized users can not access them; a thing does not get disrupted or unable to get modified.

Yeah! These are the main concerns about photos too. We want that they do not get in access of unauthorized users; people do not misuse them. To save them with photo storage or with USB storage can compromise security somehow. Well, this is the list of 7 online backup tools that will protect your photos and will provide you with the ease of easy access. Their photo storage capacity is also tremendous. These tools will never make you regret that you lost your photos from your phone. There are many other backup tools that will protect your photos and give you more space to save thousand of photos in single click.

1. PhotoStick

PhotoStick is a secure and easy way to back up your thousands of photos and videos. It gives too much space to save your data without any damage. PhotoStick is USB devices in which there is preinstalled software that provides security to your data. If you want to get more information about PhotoStick, click to read on photo USB photoStick. The best part is if there are some duplicate photos, it will automatically remove the duplicate photos.

2. pCloud

pCloud Offers 10 GB of space, and it is free cloud storage. You need to signup to instantly get the 10GB of data. pCloud applications are also available for both Android and IOS devices. pCloud provides lifetime use of your Premium storage. They have defined lifetime for 99 years or lifetime of the account holder. You can also join the weekly or monthly subscriptions.

3. Dropbox

This application gives you photo storage from 2GB to 2 TB. The 2GB for the free of cost, 1 TB for a pro account and 2 TB for Pro account. Dropbox is just love. Once you make an account on it, it gives you access to store your photos directly from your mobile devices. Not only this, you can store desktop system photos to directly Dropbox. This also provides you with the features of photos back up. Saving your pictures in exact resolution and original size (only sync with Wi-Fi). This gives you the complete package of saving photos and their easy access at any time and at anywhere.

4. Shoebox

This application, with the help of the cloud, provides you with unlimited storage of photos. In the free package, this app allows you to save pictures unlimited and video of 15 minutes. This app provides you with photos backup. In the pro package, this app allows you the unlimited backup of photos and video up to 10 hours with high resolution. The playback time of videos should not exceed than 6 minutes. This app provides you versatile features, and one of them is backup of photos from Facebook. Only you need to sign up through Facebook and good Wi-Fi.

5. Flickr

This app has provided you with the best photo storage up to 1TB just by simple free sign up. Once you install this app, it automatically allows you with photo storage and backup of photos. It will enable you to handle your pictures securely. You want to keep them in private you can. You want to share it with another do this manually. It is a pro account enables the features of auto -upload with advanced statistics and ads free browsing.

6. Google photos

Google has provided us with many exciting things such as google drive, Gmail, and google pictures too. With this app, you can store videos in 1080 p resolution. You can save images in their exact resolution and sizes. This not only provides features for Google smartphones but the IOS also. You can do this naturally just by uploading them to google account. Google gives you storage of 15 GB. If you want more space, then you can switch to 1 TB and more by going to Pro packages. You can store and backup images easily by using google photos.

7. Microsoft OneDrive

This app gives you the 5 GB cloud storage with automatic camera upload. You can easily store and backup photos. This app only lacks the Wi-Fi network upload. For uploading videos, you must use mobile data. OneDrive cloud storage automatically backup your photos from the device. To get more storage switch to pro packages which allows you with 1TB storage with 365 subscriptions also.

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