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Connecting Roku to Wi-Fi through

Vincent Robinson 466 17-May-2019

The all-new revolutionary Roku device can be connected through a wired and wireless connection. In an internet era, we all go by the wireless or in short, Wi-Fi. All the Roku streaming player devices like Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Express, Roku Ultra need to get hooked to the home network. You need to use the network credentials like username and the password in order to connect with the network. In order to execute it you will be in need of an active Roku account, else you can create one by visiting the site

Connecting Roku to Wi-Fi through

As a leading entertainment provider, has introduced a range of devices. The wireless devices plays a significant role in the market as it provides video content on the go. Ranging from Television to Streaming Stick, you can choose the right choice based on your requirement.

Roku TV offers top products from the leading brands like TCL, Philips, Sanyo and Hisense. Most of the products are supported with Full HD, 4k, HDR and Dolby Atmos.

Roku Streaming Device s

Roku Express and Express + are easy-to-setup and use. Making it a perfect choice for new users. Roku Premiere and Premiere + delivers the best possible output based upon your TV resolution. Roku Ultra is the pinnacle of all with features like private listening, lost remote finder and night listening mode.

Connecting Roku to Wi-Fi

The initial step is to turn on your TV and then link your TV set to the exact HDMI cables. And the next step is to power on your Television set and your Roku Streaming device. You can now see a Roku screen and then you can go to the ‘Settings’. Then select ‘Network’ option and then ‘Wireless’ or ‘Wi-Fi’ option. Then choose the required Wi-Fi network connection.

Once you choose the settings, a list of the wireless network will be displayed on the screen. And now you can start choosing the required network name from the list that appears. Once you choose the network name you will automatically know how to hook up Roku device to wireless network with username and password entries. Choose the required Wi-Fi network and enter the respective username and the password.

Look for the green check marks and it indicates that your Roku device is connected efficiently to the wireless network connectivity. If you come across any difficulties during the process, you can visit for technical support or call +1-844-730-3890.

Updated 17-May-2019

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