Run Command Shortcut Keys

In this blog I am trying to explain Run Command Shortcut Keys.

Open Run Command

Win+r: For Start Run Command

Shell and Command

                shell:RecycleBinFolder:  For Open Recycle bin folder

cmd /k ipconfig: For Show IP Config

cmd /k hostname: For Show Hostname

Windows Tools

Winver: For Windows Version

                Calc: For Open Calculator

                Cmd: For Open Comand Window

                Control: For Open Control Panel

 Explorer: For Open Windows Explorer

 ftp: For Open FTP

 msconfig: For Open Windows Startup Configuration

 regedit: For Open Registry Editor

                sndvol: For Open Sound Volume

                taskmgr: For Open Task Manager

                dcomcnfg: For DCOM User Security/Component Services


Managmenet Consoles

certmgr.msc: For Certificate Management

 compmgmt.msc: For Computer Management

                devmgmt.msc: For Device Management

 diskmgmt.msc: For Disk Management

                fsmgmt.msc: For Folder Sharing Management

                eventvwr.msc: For Event Viewer

                services.msc: System Services


appwiz.cpl: For Add or Remove Programs

timedate.cpl: For Time and Date Settings

desk.cpl: For Display Settings

main.cpl: For Mouse Settings

ncpa.cpl: For Network Settings

powercfg.cpl: For Power Management

intl.cpl: For Regional Settings

mmsys.cpl: For Sound Settings

 sysdm.cpl: For System Settings

firewall.cpl: For Firewall Settings

wscui.cpl: For Security Settings

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