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Adobe Photoshop CS6 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows

Vijay Shukla 7476 03-Apr-2013

In this blog I am trying to explain the shortcut keys for Adobe Photoshop CS6.   

Open File – This is where all starts from – opening a picture. Do this by pressing Ctrl + O.

Create document – Create a new document by pressing Ctrl + N.

Zooming in and out – You can click CTRL+PLUS (+) or CTRL+MINUS (-) and you can also press the CTRL key and Scroll up for Zoom In and press CTRL key and Scroll down for Zoom Out.

Save for the web - Alt + Ctrl + Shirt + S will always take you to the “Save for the web” box. Keep in mind that you can press the first three keys in any order you wish – the shortcut will still work.

Transform layer - If you wish to transform the active layer, all you have to do is press Ctrl + T.

Edit key shortcuts - If you want to customize the keyboard shortcuts, all you have to do is press Alt+ Shift + Ctrl + K.

Preferences – Ctrl + K will always take you to the Preferences menu.

Levels - If you alter the pictures, accessing the levels box is something you do often. From now on, do it by pressing Ctrl + L.

Curves – Ctrl + M will allow you to quickly edit the Curves.

Hue/Saturation - To edit this, press Ctrl + U.

Color Balance – Color Balance is another thing very useful for photo manipulation. Ctrl + B is the shortcut for this.

Desaturate – If you quickly want to desaturate, press Ctrl + Shift + U.

 Image size – Another of my personal favorites is Ctrl + Alt + I.

 New Layer – Creating a new layer can simply be done by pressing Shift + Ctrl + N.

 Liquify – If you use the Liquify tools often, Shift + Ctrl + X should be your best friend.

 Invert - Inverting the colors in Photoshop on Windows can simply be done by using the Ctrl + I shortcut.

 Fit on screen – Fitting the image on your screen is simply done by pressing Ctrl + 0.

Ruler – You might not always want the ruler on, especially if you have a small screen, therefore keeping in mind Ctrl + R could be useful.

Show grid - You can show or hide the grid by pressing Ctrl + ‘

Show guides – If you want to quickly show or hide the guides, simply press Ctrl +;

Locking guides – If you work with guides and want to lock them, Alt + Ctrl +; will do the job.

Brush size – If you want to increase or decrease the brush size, [and] will do the job very quickly.

Brush hardness – If you want to modify the hardness of the brush, Shift + [and Shift +] will do the trick.

    Different Tools (where starred, it means pressing “Shift” and the respective key will help you cycle through different tools of the same type)

·         Switch Foreground / Background Colors – X

·         Default Foreground / Background Colors – D

·         Line / Polygon / Ellipse tools – U*

·         Sponge / Dodge / Burn tools - O*

·         Brush History – Y*

·         Rotate View Tool – R

·         Hand Tool – H

·         Pen Tool – P*

·         Type Tool - T*

·         Lasso Tool - L*

·         Crop Tool - C*

·         Quick Selection / Magic Wand - W*

·         Patching Brushes – J*

·         Eraser – E*

·         Move Tool - V

·         Marquee Tool – M*

·         Gradient Tool / Paint Bucket – G*

Updated 18-Sep-2014

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