Guardians of Galaxy Star Lord Maroon Jacket

This exceptional leather jacket won the hearts of everyone and not only that but set the trademark for fashion and style. It is a beautifully cool jacket with exceptional Craftsmanship and impressive designed. This jacket almost goes with everything you wear.Guardian of the Galaxy is the Superhero film released in 2014.

Guardians of the Galaxy Chris Pratt (Starlord) Jacket:

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Chris Pratt is fashion inspiration. He played the part of Starlord in the movie Guardian Of The Galaxy and wore a very happening and stunning jacket.The Star Lord Vol 2 Jacket had become very trendy these past days and it definitely brings out the hero and offers a unique style. Chris Pratt looked like a Hollywood's dashing, slaying and handsome super hero. 

Guardians of Galaxy Star Lord Maroon Jacket

Details about the jacket:

The jacket is made from real pure, high quality soft selected jacket and has an internal viscose lining. The jacket had becomes more attractive with it's maroon color which makes it more smart. The jacket has many pockets which are inside as well as out. There are buckles on the side and hole upfront. There is a great demand among people specially teenages and many copies of this jacket is made and sold. Chris Pratt looked so dashing in the movie that this jacket is the desire of the young generation. This is a very warm and comfortable jacket. This jacket contains Mandarin stand collar and also front zipper closure, open hem Cuffs and leather pieces are attached to the sleeves. The jacket is made with fine details.

Some facts about the jacket in Guardians of the Galaxy :

The jacket became famous right after the movie. The maroon color and the design of the jacket was specially made to match the character of Chris Pratt. The jacket reflected dark humor, deep past through brown and black shadows. It reflects dark side with a combination of smart humor the way it is designed.

Chris Pratt also wore Star Lord trench coat but it was not a big hit and was not as famous and loved as the Star Lord jacket, although it kinda matched with the jacket but the coat received no Fame and attention by the audience as the jacket. The jacket really brought out the charm of Peter quill and his character.

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