Take care post delivery

One has to take care of themselves not only when they are pregnant but also after the baby is being delivered.

One can look for Ayurvedic treatment for prenatal and postnatal care and follow that to stay well. Most women take a lot of care about their health and lifestyle when they are carrying a baby. But once the baby gets delivered, they seem pretty reluctant in taking care of themselves and

concentrate all on the baby. But that is definitely not a good thing to do. Mothers have to stay healthy so that the baby can stay healthy as well.

There always has to be a postpartum healing plan for the mothers and this has to be a first priority along with taking care of the baby. When a baby arrives the daily routine definitely shifts and there is a lot of adjustments that have to be taken place because it is completely a new role for the mother and the baby also takes some time to adjust with the new world.

Maybe the first two or three weeks can be very hectic but after that, things start falling to place. Then the mother can start doing some light exercises and meditations to be in their peace of mind. They can also go for a walk with their baby in the terrace or the balcony and then can go for a stroll outside on a daily basis when the baby is more than 4 months old. It is a good idea to avoid extreme weather conditions and sound along with smell and both the mother and the baby should live in a moderate situation. Being around too many people is not really a good thing this time because the body remains vulnerable and there is a high chance that both the mother and the baby can catch an infection.

When it comes to diet, one needs to follow a routine of simple yet nourishing food items like rice, freshly cooked green vegetables, grains, legumes, and some fresh and crunchy fruits. It is highly recommended in Ayurveda that a new mother should always have a portion of date shakes on a regular basis with some organic whole milk which can aid a lot in the healing process. Sipping some warm water throughout the day is also a good idea to stay hydrated. Apart from that, one can go for herbal tea made from dashamula along with some maple syrup or honey. Tea made from fenugreek and fennel can also support the milk production in the mother.

It is said that self oil massage is also a good idea for the post-delivery healing process and in Ayurveda, it is known as Abhyanga. One can go for essential oils like rosemary or eucalyptus which can soothe the nerves.

So, one can follow a proper lifestyle for postnatal care in Ayurveda and this is very important because mothers should heal fast after the baby is delivered. Then only they can take the best care of the baby.

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