5 Reasons Why You Need Writing Skills for a Successful Career

Communication is an important ability in all kinds of workplace. Regardless of the career you want to pursue, it is essential that you possess this soft skill. If you excel, it can help you to stand out and negotiate your promotion with more chances of success.  

In business, there are three significant forms of communication: written, non-verbal, and verbal. Among them, writing is the most important form of communication. It is basic, ubiquitous in all kinds of jobs as well as in your everyday life. If you have strong writing skills, you have a very useful asset which can greatly contribute to the goals of the company you are working in.

Emails, reports, case studies, presentations, visual aids are some examples of written communication outputs. Written communication with your co-workers, superiors, and clients can essentially promote your growth within the company.

Still not convinced? Here are five more reasons why it is necessary to develop your writing skills and some useful tips on how to achieve them.

Winning resume

As a fresh college graduate, it is hard to find an organization that will enhance your skills and at the same time provide good pay. So, the first step in finding a company suitable for you is to create a winning resume. If you are good with words, you will be able to present your skills and as little experience as you have in the flattering light. If you didn’t yet hone your writing to perfection, you can buy resume from a professional writer who has vast experience in this kind of tasks. Another step is to make a striking cover letter, which shows a strong dedication to get the job.

Yet being hired is only the beginning. Professionals are expected to be eloquent and coherent. An error-ridden business report, proposal, or any other kind of document will reflect badly on your performance. Make sure to continuously practice your writing skills and always strive for improvement. This will help you to make a good impression on your employer and colleagues.

Good first impression

As a new employee in your company, business correspondence will help you to reach and connect with different groups, such as colleagues, superiors, stakeholders, etc. Every memo, email, and even chat message that you send should always be formal, informative, and easy to understand by the recipient. All of the written business correspondence must be well-grounded and provide the recipient with meaningful facts related to the business.

Keep in mind that badly constructed business correspondence can lead to misinterpretation or at least will give your co-workers a hard time figuring out the meaning of your text.

Shows your intelligence

Regardless of the career you have chosen or the position you’ve obtained in an organization, you must be always careful in business correspondence. You might think that such trivial things as punctuation and minor grammar mistakes will go unnoticed by the recipients but it is often quite the other way around. Those typos give an impression of negligence at best. At worst, you might appear uneducated or less intelligent than those who are more careful with their written messages.

Always proofread your text before hitting “Send”. This will give you additional practice and you will begin noticing punctuation and grammar errors more easily. Make use of automated grammar check that is available for the most word processors and browsers out there.

Improves your standing

It always feels great to be good at something. Imagine that your co-workers ask for your help in editing and completing their written work before submitting it to the boss. Doesn’t it boost your confidence? It sure does. If you excel in generating clear and accurate drafts, you will become a valuable asset for your company in terms of written communication. Being someone of whom people think first when they have a particular problem means being indispensable. That is one of the success strategies that Indra Nooyi, a former PepsiCo CEO, deems to be most important.

Improves credibility

A person with strong writing skills tends to be more believable. For instance, you get an email with incorrectly spelled words and unclear abbreviations – what will you think of the sender? As a professional, it should be your goal to represent your organization in the best possible way. Being good at it, you will prove to the company that you deserve a promotion.

These are some of the reasons why writing skill is needed to have a successful career. If your writing is yet less than stellar, fret not. This is a skill, not a gift. It means that you can always improve it, if only you make some time for practice.

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