Open frame power supply is a printed circuit board that is used as a supply made by system coordinators and original equipment manufacturers. They are used in many applications such as computers, telecommunications, factory automation, networking, storage, testing and measurement and medical industries, where good looks and cost are important.

Open Frame Power Supply: Type

The open frame SMPS is universally available, and is available in single, double, triple or quad output mode. They have AC DC 15 V4 DC specifications, and they are not fully wrapped. Therefore, they are used in applications that use large players, such as DVD players, high-speed radio systems, and other electronic devices. If there is a large charge of power in the capacitor dissolution, the screw driver and copper tip can dissolve on the printed circuit board. Sometimes a small insect killer damages the lead or copper to a large spark circuit board and injures your eyes.

What are open frame SMPS and its types?

1. They can be obtained in standard, improved standard and customizable prototype. Standards are available with additional output and additional options, such as voltage regulators stabilizer, DC input, medical approval, high voltage switching optional cover and fine rail accessories.

2. They are also available in various display grades, such as general, high performance and therapy. It is used for general purposes, which have less precious keys, such as data communication equipment and accessories, copy machines and office machines.

3. They are also available in various forms, including board and surface mount types. Their characteristics include high efficacy, free air conditioning cooling and full protection.

4. The best is small and concise, and adheres to the industrial quality and international safety standards.

5. They can be designed and assembled in small areas, and can be fitted in smaller small units like robot and radio controlled cars.

6. Depending on the required output, the shape of their capacitor can change. However, there is no difference in external power provisions.


It is recommended to all those who use the screw driver to speed up the capacitor for the second and third solutions, because this is the safest way to protect the circuit and, most importantly, you are yourself. With the advancement of technology, small and more flexible ways of progress are made and demand is made. For example, 150 VDC is in high demand as the best type of open-frame power supply, its strong energy and high-voltage conversion which is made by the reputed open frame SMPS manufacturer. It is important to build the latest systems that improve our lives.

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