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Shortcut Keys For Windows 8

Vijay Shukla 6475 29-Jan-2013

In this blog I’m trying to intricate the different types of shortcut keys for windows 8.

We can use the general windows shortcut keys for handle through keyboard in windows 8, but in windows 8 include some new shortcut key which is make your Windows 8 experience much more enjoyable.

1.       Press the Winkey to open the Start screen and you can also use the Winkey to switch the Desktop if start screen will opened.

2.       Press Winkey+D use go too directly on Desktop.

3.       Press Winkey +. Snap a Windows App to the left sides of the screen.

4.       Press Winkey +shift+. Snap a Windows App to the right sides of the screen.

5.       Press Winkey +, Look up to on the Desktop.

6.       Press Winkey + Enter to open the windows narrator.

7.       Press Winkey + C to open the Charms (left side pane).

8.       Press Winkey + I to open the setting option in the Charms.

9.       Press and hold the Winkey +tab to show open apps.

10.   Press Winkey + Print Screen to get the screen shot and it is also save the screen shot’s image in my picture folder.

11.   Press the Winkey + X to open the power user menu.

12.   Press Winkey +M to minimize the active window.

13.   Press Winkey + E to explore my computer.

14.   Press Winkey + F to find the file.

15.   Press Winkey + Q to find the global search menu.

16.   Press Winkey + W open a search in your system settings to rapidly trace and change system properties.

17.   Press Winkey + Pause open the system properties page.

18.   Press  Winkey + Number Key (1-9) to switch desktop mode and make the Nth application on the task bar active where N is the number key you hit and 1 is the furthest taskbar icon to the left.

19.   Press Winkey + Z to bring up app menu, which shows contextual options for the active app.

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Vijay Shukla

Vijay Shukla

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