How to write a good PhD dissertation

Various Ph.D. students are in the final throe of writing their dissertation, and it is one of the most critical times of their life. They can be seen talking about their issues and research questions on social media and tweeting several samples to help each other. If you remember the following tips, it will be easy for you to write a high-quality dissertation and to score well.

Be aware of the research questions

What is your research question? Are they one or multiple in number? You must be aware of the research questions and need to collect data to answer them properly. If you do not know the background of the issue or are not aware of how to answer the research questions, it may not be possible to come up with a good dissertation paper, and you might have to hire an essay writing service for this purpose which is both time-wasting and money wasting.

Make an outline

It would be great to make an outline and mention everything in this outline. The word count of your dissertation depends on the topic your supervisor has assigned you, but the word count of the outline should not be 550 words since it needs to show only the important points of the paper and you do not need to write all the details. If possible, write the headings and a line or two with each heading in the outline, as well as mention the purpose of your research and dissertation.

How beneficial your topic is?

Once the dissertation topic has been given to you, it becomes your responsibility to know how beneficial the topic is and how to get started with the research. Without knowing the answers of these questions, it won’t be possible for you to come up with a quality paper since you will not be able to describe how useful your research will be and how to collect data. There are two ways to collect data and interpret information: qualitative and quantitative. Both of them can be a part of your Ph.D. dissertation, but that will benefit you only if you know how important the subject or the issue of discussion is.

Write everything from scratch

As the dissertation paper is going to be lengthy, it is important for you to include only three to five percent of quotes because they will look copied and duplicate. The rest of the content needs to be written from scratch and everything should be fact-based, up to date and to the point. If you do not focus on writing the dissertation paper from scratch, then the supervisor might reject it right away and your time and energy will be wasted.

Review it before submitting

One of the major mistakes students make is that they do not review their dissertation and thesis papers, but you should always review it before submitting to the supervisor. If possible, craft the paper on a regular basis and submit drafts to the supervisor for day-to-day comments. It will help you remove mistakes and get rid of the low-quality content he might have pinpointed in the paper.

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