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Why Google Is The Best Search Engine

Emily Green 694 08-May-2019

                         Why Google Is The Best Search Engine?

There are so many reasons why Google has been given the title of the best search engine for so many years. Some of these reasons are as follows:

    Google as a search engine is very simple to use unlike other search engines whose use can be quite complex. Google search is very user friendly. It is its simplicity that has partly contributed in bringing it this far.

Why Google Is The Best Search Engine
    Google search does not bombard users with too many advertisements. Google gives more priority to its search results than advertisements.
    The advertisements that Google displays along its search results are useful advertisements because they are related to what a user has searched. So for instance if you search for a phrase like, ‘best ways to treat a headache’, Google will give you good results alright and top it up with relevant advertisements such as headache curing products or clinics that specialize in treating headaches.

Why Google Is The Best Search Engine
    Using Google Search to search for something is fast and reliable.
    When you make a search with Google, the results that you receive are arranged in a descending order of importance. This means that you get the most relevant results at the top of the page.
    Google loads very fast. I consider it one of the fastest sites on the internet. This is another reason many people are attracted to it.
    Google gives users the best search results.
    If you are looking for images or pictures, Google search can easily provide you with just what you are looking for.
    Google has the largest database of web pages as compared to its peers, and this is what gives it an edge over the rest.

Updated 08-May-2019

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